2019 Year In Review: How Nylas Customers Saved More than $1B

2019 year in review: more than $1B and 10 million developer hours saved for Nylas customers.

2019 Year In Review: How Nylas Customers Saved More than $1B

Reflecting upon the last year, we’ve accomplished some amazing feats together towards helping developers build powerful software that improves the way the world communicates. 

We launched 15 new major features that help developers across the world build secure, robust communications features in a fraction of the time. They include:

  1. Nylas Scheduler
  2. Recurring events CRUD for Office 365/Outlook and Exchange
  3. Revoke All Tokens
  4. Authentication Scopes
  5. OAuth for Office 365
  6. Programmatic Webhooks
  7. Token Information Endpoint
  8. Paid Invoice History
  9. Room Resources
  10. Set Sent Folder
  11. Free/Busy
  12. Programmatic Redirect of URIs
  13. New Webhooks
  14. Link Tracking Update
  15. SSO Support for Okta

In addition, we built dozens of new code examples, tutorials, and quick start guides.

But enough about us — just how much did we accomplish together?

In short, Nylas customers saved over $1B in development costs by integrating with Nylas rather than building and maintaining unique integrations with each provider themselves. They also saved over 10,000,000 developer hours (you can see your own integration savings in the ROI calculator here). But that’s not all we achieved alongside our customers:

Nylas 2019 year in review

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