2021 Year-in Review: Looking Back at Customer Successes and Key Product Releases

As we reflect on an amazing year of growth and expansion, Michael Pfister, VP of Product, walks us through our product achievements and successes.

2021 Year-in Review: Looking Back at Customer Successes and Key Product Releases

As we turn the corner into a new fiscal year, we wanted to highlight a few of the most exciting product achievements and customer accomplishments in 2021. 

Nylas’ growth has exploded onto the global scene in the last year, with customers in more than 37 countries including, the US, Sweden, England, France, Estonia, Spain, and beyond. Our platform of communications APIs power digital customer engagement in industries from healthcare to real estate, sales and marketing automation, legal, finance, travel, IoT, and more.

Product Expansion

This year marked several key product releases that will continue to drive deeper user engagement metrics and dramatically increased revenue for our customers, including:

The Nylas Neural API provides AI and machine learning capabilities that help derive automated workflows and productivity gains from communications data. The Neural API abstracts complex AI techniques into functional capabilities that can be leveraged in minutes. You don’t need to become an expert at training custom machine learning models to implement functionality like sentiment analysis, signature extraction, and email parsing. By combining Streams with the Neural API, developers have a way to intelligently parse information from inboxes to build automated workflows. One European e-commerce company uses email parsing to aggregate shipping data across merchants and sync it into its application. This is presented back to customers, providing a better experience for millions of users.

Nylas Streams is a new way for data teams and developers to unlock the value of communications data with little to no code.  With Streams, you can apply Neural transformations to communications data and stream into the leading cloud data warehousing and data processing solutions such as Big Query, Snowflake, and AWS SNS. Nylas Streams provides companies the ability to access and react to real-time communications data and make smarter, faster business decisions.

By researching common front-end needs in the productivity realm, Nylas Components address those needs and allow developers to implement workflows with ease. With the option to use bundled Nylas Platform API, Nylas Components provide developers a quick and powerful solution to get production-ready faster. This year we released the following components:  

  • Agenda 
  • Contact list 
  • Composer 
  • Conversation 
  • Email 
  • Mailbox 

Nylas Scheduler lets enterprise developers accomplish powerful scheduling functionality within their workflows. This year the out-of-the-box, easy to embed and configurable Nylas Scheduler has powered SaaS applications for many industry verticals including healthcare, ATS/HCM, and CRM. Nylas partnered with an industry-leading freelancing platform to power their scheduling functionality. Powered by the Nylas Scheduler our partner was able to offer quick and easy scheduling, customized to their exact workflow and following all privacy guidelines in the shortest time possible.

The Nylas Calendar API added features like video conferencing, which integrates users’ calendars with Zoom, MS Teams Meet, and Google Meet. Now, users can automatically create, generate, and include video conference links for every event created all within the context of your application. 

Omnichannel reminders allow you to automate event reminders over multiple messaging tools including SMS, Slack, and MS Teams. Reduce no-shows and improve customer experience on your platform.

Customer Spotlight

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. Our network of global customers is the core voice and inspiration for everything we do, and we are proud to showcase the success they have seen with Nylas.

Salesloft chose the Nylas Email API and Nylas Calendar API early in their product journey to deliver powerful email and calendar support to their enterprise-heavy Microsoft Exchange user base. Without the partnership, Salesloft’s channel health team would need to reallocate 25% of its resources towards resolving issues with Exchange and they would need an additional 10 full-time engineers working to ensure high-quality email connectivity to users.

Funnel partnered with Nylas to transform the leasing experience by adding native email and calendar functionality to their real estate CRM. With only two developers, the Funnel team integrated with Gmail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange to turn their CRM into a productivity powerhouse for landlords and renters, while averaging 150% year-over-year ARR growth.

Harbor Plan partnered with Nylas to complete the Google OAuth Security Verification process for a critical integration three times faster while saving 40%. The process was drastically more efficient, streamlined, and straightforward than before, opening up bandwidth for the team to focus on building an even better product.

Jobylon added native email and calendar functionality to their end-to-end recruiting platform. After deploying both the Nylas Email API and Nylas Calendar API in less than a month, Jobylon achieved 25% YoY growth, expanding their multinational customer base 10% further into Scandinavia and Europe.

Liondesk was able to add essential productivity features to their application like native email and calendar functionality in just a few engineering sprints, turning their CRM into a must-have communications hub for real estate professionals. The company integrated and launched all three Nylas Universal APIs (Email, Calendar, and Contacts) in just two months with only two developers. Conversely, they would have spent 28,242 hours and $1.8M to build the integration themselves.

This year was Nylas’ best year yet. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved this past year, and we’re excited for all that is to come in 2022!

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