5 Reasons Sales and CRMs Leverage Email APIs

Sales teams and CRMs improve efficiency, close deals faster, and get better email deliverability with an email API
Email is the backbone of all business processes -- in fact, it's used today more than ever before. As email adoption and usage grows, many software companies are enabling in-app communications for their customers with the help of an email API.

If your SaaS product relies on two-way email communication as a key part of the business, you may want to consider using integrating your product with an email API. Here are 5 benefits to doing so:

1. Increase customer engagement

Email APIs power bi-directional sync so your customers can read and respond to emails from within your app. This helps increase customer engagement with your app from the onset.

2. Enhance workflows with automated/programmatic campaigns

Some APIs offer programmatic message sending, which allows your customers to create automated, personalized drip campaigns from within your app. Email APIs see better deliverability rates than apps like SendGrid or Mailgun because they're sent from the user's personal email account on your platform via oAUTH.

3. Gain insights through data retention and backup

Allow your customers to sync as much historic email data as they like, and index messages so all content is easily searchable if they need to relocate it.

4. Save developer time

While it's possible to build an email integration yourself, this can take anywhere from 12-18 months of developer time. When you integrate with an email API, it typically takes takes just 1-2 sprints, or about one month of time to build. This helps you bring the feature to market faster, and keep your developer's focused on your core product.

5. Leverage the integration as a value-add

For all of the reasons listed above, an email API can be a huge value-add to your product. As such, you can leverage it to differentiate product tiers, using the email API as a valuable upsell:


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.07.43 PM


APIs can add a lot of value to your app, but they're only partial solutions. Even the best APIs (Google's, for example) admit that they're not meant to be used as replacements for IMAP and SMTP protocols; they're merely complimentary:


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 1.49.23 PM


On top of that, building unique integrations for the different email clients your customers use (Gmail, Exchange, O365, Yahoo!) is time consuming.

At Nylas, we developed our email, calendar, and contacts API with these considerations in mind. The API -- called Nylas Cloud -- integrates with 100% of email providers and protocols, including IMAP/SMTP, Gmail, Exchange/ActiveSync, and Office 365.  This means that with one API, you can fully integrate all 2.7 billion email addresses in the world.

In addition to providing email infrastructure to power your app, our API equips your customers with valuable analytics. As you capture email conversations across all stakeholders, you get actionable insights from that data like:

  • Which sales reps get the best response rate and why
  • Which sales reps are the most prolific at customer engagement
  • What subject lines, email send times/dates, and personalization techniques work best

You can learn more about the Nylas API and connect up to 10 accounts for development for free here or, request a demo below.

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