9 Reasons To Integrate Your App with the Nylas Email API

Sync your app with email seamlessly with the Nylas email API.


At Nylas, we recognize both the importance and complexity of email, which is why we created Nylas Cloud: the API that syncs email, calendar, and contacts with your application.

When building the API, we had a few key values in mind for our customers, namely:

1. Simplicity πŸ’‘

The Nylas Cloud API makes email integration simple. One API allows you to connect your app with 100% of email providers so you only have to integrate once, and can launch your app to all of your customers quickly. On average, our customers save 18 months of engineering time by using the API over building unique integrations for each email service provider.

In addition, Gmail, Outlook, and other client-specific email API’s change over time, which requires frequent maintenance from your dev team. Nylas Cloud manages all client-specific API updates so you don't have to.

2. Email tracking & analytics πŸ“ˆ

The Nylas API allows you to track email opens, link clicks, replies, and attachment downloads, going above and beyond just basic email functionality. Use this information to give your sales, marketing, and business teams triggers to kick off processes and give executives more detailed, more actionable insights.

3. Bi-directional sync πŸ”

With bi-directional email sync, your app and your customers' inboxes are updated in real-time, automatically. Send an email from either platform, and both your inbox and app are updated. Never worry about copy and pasting notes from email to your app again.

4. Webhook notifications πŸ””

Get real-time notifications whenever someone opens an email or accepts your calendar invite so you never miss a beat.

5. Increase email deliverability ratesπŸ“«

When sending email in bulk using Mailgun or Amazon SES, messages will often land in a SPAM folder. With the Nylas email API, each message is sent from your customer's actual email address (validated through oAUTH), so email deliverability rates reach nearly 100%. Send emails with full confidence that they will get delivered to the right place.

6. Better insights & customer support β˜ΊοΈ

Individual email integrations can be a black box for customer support issues. With the Nylas Cloud API, you have better visibility and can address customer inquiries faster.

7. Security & compliance πŸ”’

At Nylas, we take security and compliance very seriously. When you use the Nylas API, your email data and PII (personally identifiable information) is encrypted both in transit and at rest using military-grade standards. Nylas works with EU customers as a Data Sub-Processor and is Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor Compliant, as well as PCI and HIPAA ready.

8. Circumventing SMTP/IMAP protocols πŸ’»

Sending and delivering emails seamlessly sounds easy enough, but anyone who has worked with SMTP/IMAP knows how difficult this process can be. SMTP is a 30 year old protocol that hasn’t been updated in a decade, and each different IMAP/SMTP server software (Dovecot, Cyrus, Zimbra, Yahoo!) implements the protocols slightly differently. The Nylas API was developed to handle these edge case, server-level issues for you.

9. Integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange πŸ“§

Microsoft's proprietary Exchange protocols are updated regularly (every 2 years), and each new release requires about 500 pages of documentation. Issues are often unique to specific server versions (Exchange 2003 is different than Exchange 2007, for instance), making Exchange particularly frustrating and time-consuming to debug. The Nylas API syncs with Exchange so you don't have to.

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