Announcing the Nylas Dashboard 2.0

The Nylas Dashboard 2.0 is built for all stakeholders: developers, sales engineers, customer success, and finance.

Announcing the Nylas Dashboard 2.0 - Nylas

One of the most important interfaces for an API product is the dashboard—the user-facing website where developers and others can set up their applications, run queries, manage users, and all the other administrative tasks for managing an API integration.
In the past, the Nylas dashboard was only intended for use by a single developer—a developer would create an account, create an application, then start integrating with the Nylas APIs.  
Development teams would have to either share credentials (unsafe!) or set up their own application IDs to independently work with the Nylas APIs. Because the dashboard only supported one application at a time, developers would have to set up multiple Nylas developer accounts for development, staging, and production.
So we’ve taken the last few months and completely re-thought and re-imagined our dashboard experience to make it easier to create and maintain applications that rely on the Nylas APIs for email, calendar, and contacts integrations. 
The Nylas Dashboard 2.0 is built for all stakeholders for your applications: developers, sales engineers, customer success, and finance.  We’ve built the dashboard around the concept of organizations” so that you can now have all your users see the same information without sharing credentials.  With the new Nylas Dashboard, everyone in your organization can: 
  • Invite other collaborators to join your organization
  • See summary statistics for each of your applications and quickly troubleshoot problem accounts
  • Create multiple applications for your organization—everyone can have their own dev environment now, with staging and production for all
  • Add new accounts right from the Dashboard
  • Create new webhooks and notifications
  • See all accounts connected to your applications, and sort by:
    • Account Status
    • Account Type
    • Email Provider
    • Connection Date

Nylas API Dashboard Accounts

  • See all logs for your application, including:
    • API logs
    • Authentication logs
    • Mailsync logs
    • Syncback logs
    • Webhooks logs
Nylas Dashboard Account Details.png
With the new Nylas Dashboard for everyone on your team, it will be simpler than ever to integrate email, calendar, and contacts functionality into your applications—and easier for you to onboard and delight your customers.  
You can see the new Nylas Dashboard in action for yourself as soon as you log in.


For current customers with customized workflows, the existing Developer Dashboard is still available at through at least the end of the 2017 calendar year.
And, as always, we’d love your feedback—just send us a note to [email protected]  Thanks!

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