The Best API-based Scheduling Software for Your Business

Learn how you can use powerful APIs to easily integrate scheduling software for your business into any application to drive retention.

The Best API-based Scheduling Software for Your Business

Whether your app is powering business for sales, marketing, recruiting, healthcare, or anything else, you know that a seamless user experience is critical to driving adoption and retention. When it comes to scheduling software, product and engineering teams understand that a robust, easy-to-use interface can significantly reduce the manual work involved in booking meetings. But if your team already has a roadmap of differentiating features, you probably don’t have the bandwidth to build critical scheduling functionality into your application. 

Still, scheduling software for business not only saves your end-users time, but it’s critical to the growth of your app and improving user engagement, retention, and satisfaction. Consider the following statistics:

  • Sales reps spend up to 50% of their time on administrative tasks, including scheduling.
  • Recruiters’ number one interview scheduling challenge is finding a time that works for everyone.
  • 68% of patients say they’re more likely to choose medical providers that offer the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online. 
  • 60% of recruiters say that they regularly lose candidates before they’re able to schedule an interview. 

Your users are wasting time, losing revenue, missing out on top candidates, or choosing other providers. You need a solution that empowers users to seamlessly book meetings, create appointment reminders, execute advanced scheduling logic, and more. In this post, we’ll explore what you should consider when selecting the best scheduling software for your business so you can improve user experience and drive retention. 

Why You Shouldn’t Build Scheduling Software for Business on Your Own

To build an app that helps your users become more productive, implementing scheduling features is a must. However, there are a few challenges that come with building scheduling software for your business on your own.

  • Calendar Connectivity – Ensuring secure authentication for real-time bi-directional sync for every calendar provider in the world; automatically identifying primary calendars for booking, and incorporating different defaults for each provider.
  • Recurring Events – Complex protocols differ from provider to provider; navigating one-off changes and timezone transitions.
  • Availability Logic – Verifying that pre-fetching and caching availability of participants is resilient to downtime and latency spikes while using provider webhooks and event streams to keep caches up-to-date.
  • Time Zone Support – Deducting time zone information given a complex array of data from the provider and normalizing for time zones across hemispheres.
  • Event Reminders – Accounting for the many common complexities of scheduling; everything from language consistency to make sure the guest is notified if the meeting has been canceled even if they haven’t already declined.
  • Building Scheduling UI –  Identifying all the edge cases your users may run into and ensuring each workflow is intuitively designed.
  • Race Conditions – Implementing instant synchronization so that users don’t get double-booked when two people try to book the same slot simultaneously. At the same time, making sure that the solution doesn’t impact sync speed.

Regardless of what industry you are in, it is a strategic decision to use an API to integrate scheduling software for business into your app so that your engineering team’s time and resources can be better spent building out differentiating features that improve user experience. 

Save Time and Drive Revenue with the Nylas Calendar API

With almost a decade of experience in helping developers build productivity features directly into their applications, we here at Nylas have abstracted away the complexities and challenges of building powerful scheduling features. The Nylas Calendar API provides the easiest and most secure way to integrate with 100% of calendar providers in the world to build scheduling software for business into your app. 

Selecting a customizable, scalable API to integrate scheduling software for business empowers your users to become more productive and reduce time spent on administrative scheduling tasks. Providing a solution that links opportunities and schedules, all without leaving your application will boost your user retention, satisfaction, and bottom line. Sign up and try the API for free today, or learn more about our robust scheduling features here.

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