Integrate with Apple Calendar Using Nylas

The Nylas Calendar API integrates with Apple Calendar to power your application with a secure and reliable connection that bi-directionally syncs historical and live events in real-time.

Integrate with Apple Calendar Using Nylas

Apple Calendar has 1.4 billion active users, which makes building a solution that integrates with Apple critical.  There are various ways of connecting with Apple. Some platforms solve this problem with a complex IMAP integration, while others build direct-to-provider integration. Both solutions, however, are costly to build and maintain and can divert resources from business-critical projects.  

Nylas is pleased to announce an Apple Calendar integration to our portfolio of direct-to-provider integrations.  Leveraging the Nylas Calendar API, you can build an Apple Calendar integration into your application and give your users a set of powerful calendar features without adding cost and scope to your product roadmap.

Lacking an Apple Calendar Integration Alienates Customers

Your customer base is split across the leading calendar providers; however, your application doesn’t integrate with Apple Calendar – alienating a segment of your customers. Building this integration is both time-consuming and costly, and you do not want to derail future roadmap initiatives. Rather than building and maintaining a calendar integration in-house, you can leverage a secure third-party solution while maintaining product velocity.

How the Nylas Apple Calendar Integration Works

You can build an Apple Calendar into your application using the Nylas Calendar API. Nylas uses the calendaring extension CalDAV to integrate with Apple Calendar and utilizes a CalDAV-Python package to translate a python object into the CalDAV standard and vice-versa. Offering an Apple Calendar integration with Nylas gives your application productivity-boosting features such as but not limited to:

  • Bi-directional Sync & Full CRUD 
  • Real-time notifications with RSVP capability
  • Scheduler capability 

Learn more about integrating with Apple Calendar in our docs here.

Speak to a platform specialist now to learn more about the Nylas Apple Calendar integration.

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