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An Introduction to Email APIs and How You Can Use Them

Email is the de facto standard of communication for businesses of every size. Tens of billions of emails are sent every day, a non-stop conversation between businesses and their customers around the globe!

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SMTP vs. Web API: The Best Methods for Sending Email

In part 3/3 of our Email API series, we'll be discussing SMTP Relay and Email APIs.

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Overview: Microsoft Exchange Email APIs

EAS, EWS, Graph, oh my! Learn about a better way to integrate with the Nylas APIs.

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Transactional vs Contextual Email APIs

Learn about the differences between SendGrid and MailChimp's APIs vs. Nylas.

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Improve Email Security with Authentication Scopes

Nylas has released granular Authentication Scopes - a substantial update that gives you even more control over the data you access via the Nylas API.
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The Developer's Guide to the Microsoft Exchange APIs (EAS, EWS, and Graph)

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Exchange data into your application.
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The Developer’s Guide to IMAP

Common pitfalls developers should avoid when using IMAP.

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New Features: Revoke All Tokens and Whitelisted IPs

We’re excited to announce two new features today: Revoke All Tokens and Whitelisted IPs!
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A Special Offer for Customers: One Year of Nylas Free!

We’re here to help facilitate your transition with trust and ease
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2018: Nylas by the Numbers

The Nylas Email API sent over 130 million messages last year and served 27 countries across the world. See Nylas by the numbers in 2018 here.
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Google OAuth Updates: 2019 Timeline and Everything Else You Need to Know

2018 has been the year of sweeping security enhancements (hello, GDPR) and Google OAuth is the latest addition.
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Improve Customer Support Efficiency with Calendar Sync

Do you know how much time your support representatives could save with a calendar integration? Find out here.
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