Announcing Pre-built UX/UI: Nylas Components

Announcing Pre-built UX/UI: Nylas Components

Front-end JavaScript solutions that enable you to build flexible features that boost productivity by as much as 20%.

94% of the factors that affect a user’s first impression of your product are design-related, and designing, building, and launching successful UX/UI for your application can take up to 7 weeks. However, developers still spend 50% of their time reworking projects due to poor UX. As competition is rapidly increasing in every industry, both speed to market and powerful UX/UI are necessities that companies can’t afford to miss.

Leveraging pre-built UX/UI helps get your application to market without building and designing front-end elements from scratch. We are excited to announce the Nylas solution to this problem: Nylas Components

Nylas Components is a library of front-end JavaScript solutions that empower you to launch end-to-end productivity features fast. In addition to Scheduler, we are releasing three more Components that enable you to embed powerful and customizable UI directly into your app:

  • Composer: Composer uses the Nylas Email API and Contacts API to seamlessly compose and send emails. Composer also provides the ability to search for contacts, attach files, and send at a scheduled date/time using the Outbox endpoint beta.

  • Agenda Component: Built on the Nylas Calendar API, this highly customizable, front-end calendar component displays a summarized view of each selected day’s events. This Component offers the ability to navigate any number of days in the past and the future.

  • Contact List Component: Contact List leverages the Nylas Contacts API to enable users with the ability to search for and create contacts while providing critical information such as full name, email address, and last day emailed.

  • Email Component: The Email Component is built on the Nylas Email and Contacts APIs to provide your users the ability to connect to any email data and provide a custom front end for your application.

  • Mailbox Component: Mailbox combines multiple Email Components and enables end users with customizable actions like bulk selections, filtering emails, pagination support and more.

  • Conversations Component: The Conversations Component incorporates both the Nylas Email and Neural APIs to transform messages and/or threads into chat.

Long Development Cycles and Poor End User Experience

Depending on the application’s complexity, apps can take anywhere between three and nine months to develop. Designing and building a front-end experience requires a significant amount of development work, feedback, and testing and can account for up to three months of development time. Speed to market is crucial in success, and you don’t want to risk delays due to reworking less than optimal UX. Not only does bad UX slow down your success, but it also can drive customers away. Studies show that 88% of users are less likely to return after a bad user experience, and acquiring a new customer can be 5x as expensive as retaining an existing one.

Shorten Development Time and Increase Customer Retention

With as little as five lines of code, you can position your application as your customers’ core productivity hub with ready-made UX/UI. You no longer need to divert resources to build, maintain, and test front-end solutions and can free up engineering time to focus on other important business initiatives. In addition to saving months of work, incorporating pre-built UX/UI features reduces customer churn risk. Built and maintained by a team of Nylas engineers, Components seamlessly delivers modern UX features and functionality that drive customer loyalty and retention.

Launch Customizable UX/UI With a Few Lines of Code

Nylas Components enable you to quickly implement user experiences that leverage the Nylas suite of APIs to support common use cases like viewing calendars, sending emails, or managing a user’s contacts book, eliminating the need to design user interfaces from scratch. 

If you want to test out Nylas Components, you can install them to your local environment via NPM and generate them via the Nylas dashboard by clicking on the Components tab on the left. This will let you create Components that are authorized to work with a single account and can be embedded into any JavaScript environment. 

For example, here’s the terminal command to install the Nylas Agenda Component:

npm i @nylas/components-agenda

Once you’ve generated your Agenda Component in the dashboard, you can add it to your JavaScript environment with a single line of code:

<nylas-agenda id="your_agenda_id"></nylas-agenda>

When you’re ready to fully integrate Components into your app, our docs cover all the ways you can use and configure them to meet your unique needs. They also include sandbox environments that let you see them in action with popular JavaScript frameworks like Svelte.

Powerful UX/UI Made Easy

Launching your application with powerful UX/UI features is a must, but companies are often slowed down by the technical complexities needed to ensure end user satisfaction. Nylas Components eliminate this delay with our robust library of JavaScript solutions. Dramatically reduce the time needed to onboard your application and provide productivity-boosting features your end users will love.

Speak to a Nylas Platform Specialist now to learn more about Nylas Components.

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