The Nylas Universal Email API for CRMs

Integrate email, calendar, and contacts quickly and securely into your CRM.

The Nylas Universal Email API for CRMs

Companies lose $1 trillion per year due to sales teams’ context-switching — which is why, if you’re building a CRM for sales teams, you’ll need integrate with the main tool sales reps use day-to-day: email.

If you’re building a CRM, providing your users with an email integration helps streamline their workflows — not to mention, it could add millions to your revenue.

But building, maintaining, and securing an email integration with each of the providers that your customers use costs millions of dollars and months of time (time that could have been spent building other core features).

That’s why we built Nylas: our universal APIs for email, calendar, and contacts make it easy for developers to integrate with email quickly and securely.

The Nylas APIs come out-of-the-box security so you can build with confidence. With Nylas, you can:

Embed Email into Your App With the Nylas Email API

Get powerful email features like bi-directional sync between your user’s inbox and your app. The Nylas Email API also enables analytics like open rates, link clicks, and replies. One integration connects you with 100% of email service providers, so you can set it and forget it — no ongoing maintenance or updates required.

Streamline Scheduling With Nylas’s Calendar API

In as little as four lines of code, you can embed the scheduling functionality your users need. Allow your users to access team-level calendars to find a time that works for everyone. As soon as an appointment slot is booked, the user’s calendar and your application are automatically updated. You can also send automated appointment reminders so your user’s never miss a meeting.

Sync Up-to-Date Contacts Data With the Nylas Contacts API

Provide richer contacts data by syncing contact details from user’s address books into your application. The Nylas Contacts API allows your users to make warmer sales intros with the help of a smart connection graph. Compile data from each individual’s mailbox to create an up-to-date unified contact directory. Ready to get started?


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