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Time and Costs Required To Integrate Email, Calendar, and Contacts Into Your App [Infographic]

Nylas saves companies over $2M and 30,000+ developer hours on their email, calendar, and contacts integrations. See the integration steps and time savings broken down by provider here.

Tasia Potasinski | October 22, 2019

On average, it costs $2,035,044 and 30,834 developer hours to build a Nylas equivalent that connects your application to 100% of email, calendar, and contacts providers. That’s over 1.5 years for a talented team of 7 senior engineers to scope the project, test it, build a POC, pursue the security certifications, push the POC live, and maintain the integration(s).

With Nylas, it takes just 18 days to build full email, calendar, and contacts integrations with 100% of providers. In addition, Nylas comes with pre-built security features that provide a more secure, reliable connection than you’d get integrating with the service providers directly – out of the box, we’re SOC 2 certified, GDPR compliant, Privacy Shield certified and HIPAA and FINRA ready.

See integration time and costs in the infographic shown below; and check out the detailed step-by-step breakdown here.


Time and cost required to integrate email, calendar, and contacts into your app


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