Nylas Webhooks: Now Available for Email, Calendar, and Contacts

The new Nylas webhooks system sends webhooks 2-10x sooner, and includes triggers for email, calendar, contacts, and events!

Nylas Webhooks: Now Available for Email, Calendar, and Contacts - Nylas

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve released a new, much faster webhooks system with one of our most requested features – triggers for calendar, contacts, and events! Take it for a spin by creating a webhook at dashboard.nylas.com.

With this new system, you can expect to receive webhooks much sooner once an event takes place — 2-10x sooner depending on your usage patterns.

In conjunction with the speed improvements, we built triggers for contacts and calendar events, which means that our webhooks now give you the same data as our delta streaming service, but with less overhead (you no longer need to pull Nylas regularly for updates – we’ll send them to you as soon as a change takes place)!

Companies across industries are using the new fast webhooks system to scale their businesses.

Auto retailers are using it to build a calendar layer into their sales CRM or their software bespoke retailer software that allows them to schedule test-drives with buyers.

Universities use it to schedule 1:1s with students and advisors.

Recruiting software companies use it to track candidates, send follow-up emails when their message hasn’t been opened, and seamlessly schedule interviews without all of the administrative back-and-forth.

Here are just a few specific webhooks triggers Nylas customers are leveraging:

Email webhooks

  • Notify users when an email has been received
  • Get real-time info when someone has clicked a link within your email
  • Get notified when an email has been replied to

Calendar webhooks

  • Get updates about attendee status on a calendar event (accepted/rejected/tentative). This is especially helpful for recruiting, sales, marketing, and education companies.
  • Notify users when an event is created or deleted

Contacts webhooks

  • Notify users when a contact record has been updated (for example, if the contact’s job title, phone number, or place of work has been changed in a user’s address book).
  • Get notifications when multiple email addresses have been assigned to one user.

The webhooks notification system works regardless of provider – so whether your users work in Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, IMAP/SMTP, or any other email service provider, Nylas will alert you as soon as an event takes place. Get started testing out a new a webhook today, or if you’re new to Nylas, request a demo of the Nylas API with a platform specialist.

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