Nylas Customers Were Unaffected by the Google Outages… Here’s Why

Google experienced two outages this June; luckily, Nylas customers were largely shielded from its effects.

Nylas Customers Were Unaffected by the Google Outages... Here’s Why - Nylas

Cloud-based ecosystems like Google allow us to communicate with co-workers and customers, send and receive files, schedule meetings, and keep track of upcoming events. So, what happens when it all goes down? It’s a question many Google users were faced with recently when Google experienced two major outages earlier this month.

The first outage occurred on June 2, when Gmail and Google Calendar went down for almost 4 hours. News of the blackout surfaced at around 3pm ET, when web monitoring services began reporting high numbers of connection failures in the US. Affected users were seeing error messages as they tried to send and receive emails or schedule meetings. Other Google productivity and collaboration tools like Docs and Sheets, Hangouts, Keep, Task were also affected. Later that evening, Google’s PR team announced they had identified the root cause of the issue and were expecting a return to normal service shortly.

On June 18, Google Calendar users were again left in the lurch again when the app went down for three hours. Affected users in the US and UK reported seeing a 404 error message instead of scheduled appointments.

How Nylas Users are Protected During Outages from Email Service Providers

Google outages aren’t frequent, but even a temporary loss of service can seriously impact productivity, efficiency and team communication. Not only that, but it can be frustrating for developers who have built apps that rely on connectivity to Gmail or any other email service provider. This is why it’s wise to have a contingency plan for when these situations arise.

At Nylas, our customers were largely shielded from the effects of the recent Calendar API outage.

Because our API syncs calendar and email data on behalf of our customers, all the content is saved and can be displayed even during outages.

This means Nylas users were still able to access their calendars, which reflected the latest data available from before Google went down. They could even schedule and modify meetings and have these updates reflected on their calendars. These updates would appear on the other meeting attendee’s calendars as soon as the Google services were up and running again. Meanwhile, other Google users were unable to change or access their calendar at all.

Neither you nor your app users have the time to be inconvenienced by email and calendar outages. At Nylas, we seamlessly sync with Google calendar and Gmail with just a few simple lines of code, saving you the headache of being without crucial information during another outage.

Security, Performance, and Reliability

We built Nylas to make it simple for developers to embed communications layers into their app. From day one, we’ve prided ourselves on the security and reliability of our platform, and the recent Gmail and Google Calendar outages show just one of the ways we help improve the lives of not just developers, but people who use software every day to communicate better and to work more efficiently.

You can learn more about security at Nylas here, or create a free account to give the API a test drive.

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