Hang with Spang December 2021

Top 3 takeaways from our first Hang with the Spang session: Follow your curiosity! Spang’s…

Top 3 takeaways from our first Hang with the Spang session:

  1. Follow your curiosity! Spang’s interest in playing MUDS (multi-user domains for dungeons) led her to want to learn more about the game engine which ran on Linux. In turn, this sparked her interest in learning more about computer programming. The rest is history!

  2. Don’t be afraid to engage with and build community. By reading and engaging with bloggers, Spang met her mentor in high school who introduced her to a group called Debian women. This was her first introduction to open source contributions and gave her a sense of belonging in a male-dominated space. The inclusivity and welcomeness of the group made all the difference in showing up on irc.

  3. Work on what you are passionate about. Think about what makes you excited, even if it is just a seed of an idea, and hone in on how you can nurture and cultivate it to make it grow.

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