Join Nylas at SaaStr Annual 2021, Sept. 27 – 29

Top three reasons why SaaStr Annual 2021 attendees should connect with Nylas at the show.

Join Nylas at SaaStr Annual 2021, Sept. 27 –  29

This year’s SaaStr event is a first for a lot of us — many folks’ first live, in-person tradeshow since the pandemic, and the first time many of us have experienced an entirely outdoor tradeshow event. Because we’re so excited to be back in attendance at industry events, we decided to go big for SaaStr, and we’d love to share the experience with you.

With that in mind, here are the Top 3 reasons for SaaStr Annual 2021 Attendees to catch up with Nylas at the show…

See CTO & Co-Founder Christine Spang on the SaaStr Cantina Stage

Nylas CTO and co-founder Christine Spang is easily one of the coolest and brightest people in this business, but don’t just take our word for it. Spang will be speaking Tuesday 9/28 at 2 pm on the SaaStr Annual Cantina Stage, in a session called Best Practices and KPIs for Hyper-Growth Technical Teams. This is something she knows quite a bit about.

Whether you just raised a bunch of capital, closed a huge customer, or are expanding your global footprint, one thing all hyper-growth companies have in common is the need to scale their product and engineering organizations. But seamlessly transitioning from a small and scrappy team to a well-oiled enterprise-level organization doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategic planning, ongoing communication, goal setting, and continued investment in team and company culture.

In this session, Spang will discuss the impacts and best practices for successfully scaling engineering teams. She’ll highlight how to think about priorities, metrics, and KPIs that align with the size and growth of your organization and business.

This experienced advice alone is worth the price of admission.

Visit the Nylas Booth at SaaStr 2021 for a Demo & Meet the Team

Nylas will have Platform Specialists onsite to answer questions and provide demos of our Developer Platform, including something special that we’ll be announcing at this show! 

See first hand how the Nylas APIs are not only secure, powerful, and easy to work with, but also how they make your developers’ lives easier, and provide the flexible functionality your end-users expect. Nylas is a win-win solution as your SaaS software scales.

And speaking of winning, we’ll be running a raffle to give away a Sony PlayStation 5, so you’ll definitely want to stop by the booth to learn more. 

Take a Cute Break at the Onsite Nylas Puppy Adoption Center

Look, no matter how much fun SaaS trade shows can be, there’s always a point at which you need a break from the networking, tech talk, pitching, selling, being on all the time, etc. So why not take a few minutes for yourself, and visit the Dog Adoption Center a.k.a. The Nylas Puppy Play Area? 

Nothing takes the edge off quite like spending some quality time with a furry, four-legged friend, and even if you can’t take one of the dogs home, we promise that just spending a few minutes playing with the pups will lift your spirits and renew your resolve to get back to business.

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