Meet A Nylanaut! – Creative Director, JuliAnn Tulberg

Get to know a Nylas employee – our Creative Director, JuliAnn Tulberg, who keeps everything at Nylas looking on-brand!

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JuliAnn works remotely from Portland and has been at Nylas for a year and half! She leads our brand / graphic design and makes all marketing assets.

What’s your name and what do you do at Nylas?
My name is JuliAnn Tulberg. I’m the Creative Director at Nylas.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love creating complex ad campaigns. You have to be unique and stand out, but also cohesive and work across many types of media. It’s a fun challenge and involves a lot of problem solving. It’s really where the brand comes to life.

What’s most challenging about what you do?
I think the biggest challenge for designers is to envision your work through the lens of the customer. It can be very difficult to foresee all the ways in which people will experience your designs. Context is critical to creating a successful design.

How did you find your way into tech?
I spent the first half of my career designing for brick and mortar retail. I switched to tech by luck, but really fell in love with the industry, particularly the agile work environment of a startup.

What challenges did you run into?
From a design perspective, the most challenging obstacle is keeping up with technology changes. For example, designs need to work on all devices and browsers. It can feel very sisyphean.

What advice do you have for anyone trying to break into tech? And for your job specifically?
I think my advice for designers spans across any industry: your portfolio should [only] show the work you want to get hired to do.

How did you find your way to Nylas?
I think the stars just aligned for me. My previous employer announced layoffs and I raised my hand to be the 1 designer on my team to go. I was already feeling like my job was less and less engaging than it used to be… Additionally, as the only dink on my team, I felt it would be easier for me to bounce back. I saw the job post for Nylas within a week of that layoff and I really clicked with the team in the interview.

What ultimately stood out to you about Nylas?
I was really looking for an opportunity to get in early with a startup and establish the brand look and feel. It was important to me to find a job where I can grow with the company.

Who was a role model of yours growing up? Who is a role model for you now?
Alvin Lustig was my first graphic design role model (who I discovered in college). He created a lot of very bold/graphic book covers in the 50s. I think the closest thing I have to a current role model is Jessica Hische, who’s a fantastically creative typographer/designer.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
I do all sorts of crafts: sewing, knitting, paper art, painting, weaving. I also love to travel: my husband and I have gone on some epic adventures to places like Taiwan, Belize, Cambodia, Iceland…

What’s your go to song/artist/playlist for jamming out?
Oh boy, this question. I really don’t listen to music. Apparently I’m the only person in the world who enjoys silence.

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