Announcing Data Residency: US, EU, and Australian Data Centers

Announcing new Data Residency options in Canada, Australia and the EU!

Data Residency

Nylas serves customers across more than 25 countries and counting, securely processing billions of email messages, calendar invites, and contacts book updates. Today, we’re excited to share a new addition to Nylas’s underlying security foundation to help support our expansion on the global stage – data residency in the EU, and Australia.

With data residency, each region is completely isolated, so data cannot be transferred between regions. You can create, configure, and manage separate Nylas Accounts for each region to ensure data remains localized and separate from other regions.

Integrating directly with calendar providers outside of the Nylas API typically forces users to integrate with the full email inbox, calendar, and contacts book — or with nothing at all. With Nylas, you can specify granular permissions so you’re only syncing the data users need to access within your application. Now, with data residency plus authentication scopes, you can define not only what to sync, but where.

Security Features Beyond Data Residency

Data residency is just part of Nylas’s deep security features. We realize that data security goes far beyond where data is stored, which is why we’ve built our platform to support features like:

  • Security Certifications: Nylas comes out-of-the-box with SOC 2 Certification and Privacy Shield Certification, so you can rest assured your data is processed with the highest security standards. You can revoke all user tokens as needed, and create whitelisted IPs for extra security measures.
  • Authentication Scopes: Improve the security of your integration by selectively syncing the data your users need and nothing more. Authentication Scopes lets you define what level of access users want to sync.
  • Hosted Auth: Hosted auth is the quickest way to build user authentication into your app. It lacks the customization features available with native auth, but can be easier to integrate as an out-of-the-box solution for a POC.
  • Native Auth: Native authentication is the most customizable way to authenticate users to your app. You can fully own the design and white label the experience end-to-end.
  • SSO Support: Onboard enterprise customers more securely with SSO support for Okta and OneLogin.
  • Service Accounts for Calendar: Allow users to onboard everyone in their organization and to better manager user permissions through a single super-admin account.
  • Free/Busy: Keep meeting details obscured for increased privacy and security.

Security and Flexibility with Nylas

At Nylas, security is built into DNA of our solutions. With three Residency choices, customers can gain even more control over how and where their data is stored. Learn more about Data Residency options by contacting one of our platform specialists today.



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