Nylas Dashboard: Navigation & UI Improvements

Filter, sort, and resolve issues faster than ever before.

Tasia Potasinski | August 17, 2020

The Nylas dashboard is the console through which our customers and users can quickly and easily access data that’s core to their application’s email, calendar, and contacts integration.

In the dashboard, you can set up their applications, run queries, manage users, and all the other administrative tasks for managing an API integration.

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The dashboard now offers improved UI/UX functionality and responsiveness. Log in to your Nylas dashboard to explore these updates today:

Faster filtering and issue resolution: Conduct quick searches with smart filtering. Searches are persistent and don’t disappear when you click to a new view in the dashboard:


Mobile & tablet responsiveness: Manage your Nylas dashboard from anywhere with mobile and tablet responsiveness:


Pause and restart sync: For the first time, you can pause and restart sync for individual without contacting Nylas support. Get more control over connecting accounts if the sync stops at any point (often caused by users changing their password and getting an invalid Nylas token).

Navigation improvements: Filtering is front and center so you’re never accidentally filtered without realizing it. Access application settings with just one click from the “App Settings” navigation on the right. We also eliminated pagination in lieu of infinite scroll, so you can see more data with less clicks.

Webhooks improvements: Create webhooks with just a few clicks with a new “Select all” button in the Nylas dashboard. 

Export Data Neatly: Copy and paste data from a Nylas table, such as accounts statuses or webhooks, into a perfectly formatted excel or spreadsheet:


Sort by column value: You can sort columns by whichever value is most important to you – status, account type, provider, and more. 

We hope you love the improved navigation and new UI as much as we do! If you have feedback on how we can continue to make the dashboard even more intuitive, you can submit your comments by clicking “Feedback” in the bottom left-hand corner of your Nylas dashboard. 

Tasia Potasinski

Tasia is the Director of Product Marketing at Nylas. She's passionate about communications and helping connect the world through APIs. In her free time, she writes and produces music.