Nylas Features: Find the Best Package for You

Determine which Nylas package is best for you with this deep-dive into Nylas features.

Tasia Potasinski | March 16, 2020

Nylas pricing is built with our customers main request top of mind: making billing as predictable as possible.

There are three main pricing options available: Basic, Essentials, and Enterprise. Selecting the best package for you is largely dependent upon two factors:

  1. How many user accounts you need to sync
  2. Which features are most important to you

Let’s break down the features available in each package.


The basic package is a great starting point for small companies, startups still in beta, and development teams looking to build a proof of concept. Get access to the core features of the Nylas platform with a limited amount of data sync storage available. Features include:

  • Hosted Auth: Hosted auth is the quickest way to build user authentication into your app. It lacks the customization features available with native auth, but can be easier to integrate as an out-of-the-box solution for a POC.
  • Granular Scopes: Improve the security of your integration by selectively syncing the data your users need and nothing more. Granular Scopes lets you define what level of access users want to sync.
  • Scheduler: Nylas Scheduler is an out-of-the-box, customizable frontend scheduling tool powered by a backend Schedule Editor. Meeting attendees can select from available times on the meeting organizer’s calendar. Scheduler also enables features like autoschedule, round-robin by fairness or availability, time zone support, and more.
  • Analytics: The Nylas APIs power your platform with actionable analytics on emails like open rates, click through rates, and reply tracking.
  • Smart Invites: Update calendar invites in real-time with attendee status changes. Get notified when recipients accept, modify, or decline events.
  • Support: We offer different levels of support for different pricing tiers, and you can purchase additional support if the plan you like most doesn’t automatically provide the support you prefer. The Basic support plan includes email support with 1 support seat. You can purchase “Full” support which includes onboarding services, additional support seats, email + phone, and enhanced SLAs, or “Premium” support which includes custom on-boarding, 24/7 support, custom SLAs, dedicated Account Management.


The Essentials package is built for mid-size companies and companies in the growth stage. Get volume discounts on high levels of connected accounts, more room to store/retain synced data, and unlock customization features and time-saving, programmatic features. 

Access all of the features of the “Basic” plan, plus:

  • Whitelabeling: Whitelabel Nylas scheduler so your company’s logo and any other customizations appear on the Scheduler page.
  • Whitelisted IPs: Nylas provides a dynamic list of IP addresses to sync data from security minded companies that whitelist access to their mail, calendar, and contacts data.
  • Custom Event Reminders: Use Nylas Scheduler to tailor when event reminders are sent to meeting attendees. Customize the timing of reminders to your preferences.
  • Room Resources: Show users which room resources exist within their organization and allow them to assign meetings to rooms.
  • Programmatic Webhooks: Programmatically update webhooks anytime your servers experience downtime, so there’s no lag in connection. Get notified anytime an email, calendar, or contact is created, modified, or deleted.
  • Programmatic Redirect URIs: Automatically generate unique URIs for new customers on your platform.
  • Volume Discounts: The more you sync; the more you save! Unlock volume discounts at the Essentials level and above.
  • Support: Essentials customers receive “Full” support which includes onboarding services, additional support seats, email + phone, and enhanced SLAs.


Enterprise packages can access the biggest volume discounts and savings, plus enterprise features.

Access all of the features of Essentials, plus:

  • SSO Support: Onboard enterprise customers faster with SSO support for Okta and OneLogin.
  • Service Accounts (NOT YET RELEASED): Allow users to onboard everyone in their organization instantly through a single admin with service accounts (coming soon!)
  • Support: Enterprise customers receive “Premium” support which includes custom on-boarding, 24/7 support, custom SLAs, dedicated Account Management.

Questions about getting started? Contact a Nylas platform specialist today.

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Tasia is the Director of Product Marketing at Nylas. She's passionate about communications and helping connect the world through APIs. In her free time, she writes and produces music.

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