Announcing On Prem with Nylas

Deploy the Nylas platform on your private infrastructure.

Dominic Corsaro | February 3, 2021

Nylas is proud to announce our On Prem solution, which enables customers in highly regulated industries, such as legal and finance, to enable productivity and communications features within their platform faster than ever before.

On Prem is a secure, customizable hosting solution that provides the functionality of the Nylas Platform on your cloud provider of choice. With this model, you can deploy Nylas on your private infrastructure, powering your platform with communications, intelligence, and automation features, without changing how you access and store your data.

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On-Prem for Highly Regulated Industries

While many software companies have moved from on prem to the cloud for lower storage costs and reduced friction, some highly regulated industries such as legal, finance, and healthcare require on-prem solutions to meet the stringent security requirements for their industry. 

Nylas’ On Prem solution provides a single-tenant data center to store and process your user’s data securely. You can benefit from the powerful capabilities of the Nylas platform to deliver world-class features to your customers while adhering to the  security and regulatory policies. 

In addition to upholding strict security protocols, Nylas’ On Prem solution addresses challenges faced by many international customers. The Court of Justice of the European Union declared the protection provided by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was no longer valid on July 16, 2020. As a result, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework no longer complies with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU to the United States. Our On Prem solution enables EU users to use Nylas while complying with EU data standards.

How Nylas On Prem Works

Nylas’ On Prem solution is containerized and can be deployed to the Kubernetes cluster of choice – starting with GKE (the Kubernetes container orchestrator on  GCP)and EKS (the Kubernetes container orchestrator on AWS). Our On Prem offering includes four main stages: Deployment, Monitoring, Upgrades, and Support.

Here is a brief summary of each stage below:

    1. Deployment: You work with the Nylas team to secure an enterprise license for your application and proceed with the deployment model.
    2. Monitoring: Your team is able to monitor the deployment both within your infrastructure and on the application.
      1. Infrastructure Monitoring
        1. You can use either AWS (Amazon Web Services) CloudWatch or GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Stackdriver to monitor the servers, network, and other infrastructure the software runs on.
      2. Application Monitoring
        1. Nylas supports integrations with New Relic, Data Dog, and Prometheus out of the box to monitor the Nylas application.
    3. Upgrades
      1. Nylas supplies you with an advanced Admin Dashboard used for configuration, updates, and application management that regularly publishes upgrades that you choose to deploy.
    4. Support
      1. You can use the Admin Dashboard to generate a support bundle containing application logs and send it to Nylas support.

Learn more about our On Prem solution in our docs here.

Quickly Enable Productivity Features for Your Users with On Prem

Our On Prem solution allows you to deploy Nylas while following your industry’s security policies and regulations. You can enhance your platform’s productivity and connectivity features while keeping all of your data secure within your infrastructure.

Speak to a platform specialist now to learn more about how Nylas powers connectivity while keeping your data safe, secure, and private

Dominic Corsaro

Dominic is a Product Marketing Manager at Nylas. In his spare time, he loves to hike and go to the beach with his dog.