Omnichannel Features Reduce Context Switching & No-Shows to Meetings, While Increasing Productivity

Cement your application as your customers’ core productivity hub with streamlined scheduling workflows that connect with leading communication apps and video conference tools using Nylas.

Dominic Corsaro | September 27, 2021

As new methods of communication have burst onto the scene in the last decade, the world is more connected – and distracted – than ever. Answering emails from teammates, scheduling meetings, managing  Slack / MS teams messages, staying on top of SMS’s – real-time communication is key in the modern world, but it doesn’t come without its distractions. Context switching across platforms can reduce productivity by as much as 20%-80%.

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How context switching kills up to 80% of your productive time a day. Source: RescueTime

With the sudden increase in working from home due to the pandemic, employees are more available than ever; however, people’s “heads down” time is disappearing. In a study in the New York Times, people now rarely have more than 20 minutes to focus uninterrupted on a single task and actually average 11 minutes on a task before switching to another. 

In addition to losing focus time, context switching causes teams to lose track of time and either miss meetings or join late. Missing key stakeholders causes deal cycles to take longer and inefficient meetings. Studies show that roughly 20% of meetings experience no-shows, and no-shows to meetings cost billions of dollars every year. 

What is the solution to reducing context switching and now show meetings while increasing productivity? Introduce omnichannel capabilities into your application.

Connect with Leading B2B and B2C Communication Channels

Weaving together the most widely used communication methods (email, SMS, meetings, messaging, text, and video conferencing) into your application gives you the opportunity to transform your platform into a productivity powerhouse. By eliminating your users’ need to leave your app throughout their workday, you give them back their most valuable asset: time

This is where the Nylas Platform comes in. With a powerful suite of communication APIs, Nylas gives you the ability to integrate Email, Calendar, and Contacts directly into your application in just a few engineering sprints. With the addition of omnichannel event reminders, Nylas now powers direct integrations with Slack, MS Teams, Google Meet, SMS, Zoom, and MS Teams Meet

Your users will no longer need to leave your application when scheduling meetings, reminding stakeholders and participants, and incorporating video conferencing—reducing context switching with every meeting! 

Including omnichannel event reminders in your application not only reduces context switching for your users but also increases productivity by reducing no-show meetings by 80%. With fewer no-show meetings increases, teams are more efficient, sales cycles shorten, and valuable time is not wasted.

Here are some examples of how omnichannel reminders increase productivity across industries:

  • Sales: A sales rep sets meetings with various stakeholders, and due to timing constraints, cannot afford no-show meetings.  The rep uses omnichannel technology in your application to auto-generate reminders to send out 90 minutes before the meeting via SMS and email, and Slack to internal teammates.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry loses more than $150 billion a year to no-show meetings alone. Using Nylas’ Calendar API, a healthcare application pushes appointments to your customers and their patients’ calendars and sends notifications via SMS and email 24 hours ahead of appointments.
  • HR & Recruiting (ATS): On average, recruiters work between 30-40 open roles at any given time, and 67% of recruiters say it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to schedule a single interview. Leveraging Nylas’ omnichannel capabilities, recruiters can seamlessly schedule interviews with video conference capabilities from their application and send reminders to the interviewers across Slack and interviewees via SMS.
  • HR & Recruiting (HCM): A manager schedules a meeting for their team and creates a calendar invite within their application.  After the event has been created, the application sends out an automated reminder through Slack and an email 10 minutes before the meeting.

Fight Context Switching with Every Meeting

While context switching will never be eliminated entirely, reducing it has immense payoffs. Increase productivity and save time by reducing no-show meetings, reminding participants about upcoming meetings on whichever channel or platform suits them best, and automatically include links with the leading video conference tools.

Speak to a Nylas Platform Specialist now to learn more about Nylas and omnichannel capabilities.

Dominic Corsaro

Dominic is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Nylas. In his spare time, he loves to hike and go to the beach with his dog.