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Pricing FAQs - Nylas

Pricing & Plans

How is Nylas priced?

Nylas is priced per connected account with a monthly platform fee. Volume discounts are unlocked as you connect additional accounts or upgrade plans.

What is a connected account?

A connected account is a single email account that syncs to the Nylas platform.

What does the platform fee cover?

First, the platform fee covers the amount access to core features of the Nylas platform like:

  • Data Sync and CRUD capabilities
  • Nylas Scheduler
  • Email Deliverability
  • Automatic Provider Detection
  • Basic Webhooks
  • Hosted Auth & Authentication Scopes
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

In addition, the platform fee covers data you sync through the Nylas platform. As part of our service, Nylas securely syncs data from your connected accounts to the private cloud (and back). This lowers the total cost of building and maintaining your own integrations, as you do not have to pay for your own cloud storage when you use Nylas. 

Finally, the platform fee includes your access to support at the basic, full, and premium levels. 

What is the difference between your plans?

Nylas has two packages available: Full Platform and Calendar + Contacts only. Select the plan that fits your needs – if you need to sync users’ email and calendar data, choose “Full Platform” (this plan also includes the largest discounts). If you just need access to just Calendar, choose the Calendar + Contacts plan.

Within each package, there are three tiers available to you: Basic, Enterprise, and Essentials. 

Nylas’ plans are defined by a few key criteria: 

  1. Access to features: Features are gated at the Basic, Essentials, and Enterprise levels. The Basic plan includes key features like sync & CRUD, while Essentials & Enterprise plans include customization, white labeling, and scalability features.
  2. Number of synced accounts: The minimum (and maximum) number of connected accounts differs depending on your plan, with up to 999 synced accounts at the Basic level, and unlimited synced accounts available at the Enterprise level.
  3. Tiered discounts: As you grow into larger plans, the number of discounts you receive increases, with lower costs per connected account and % discounts on your monthly platform fee.

Which plan is right for me?

This depends on the stage of your company, whether or not your product is still being built or if it’s in production, and the complexity of your use case.

  • Basic is our entry-level plan and is best suited for applications with a low volume of connected accounts looking to use our entry-level features. Typically, early-stage start-ups and developers with products that are not yet in production subscribe to our Basic plan, as the access to growth stage features, the data sync limits, as well as Data Residency (choice of USDC/EUDC) and the number of connected accounts included in the plan is low.
  • Essentials is our plan for small to medium-sized businesses that have a full product in production but don’t yet have the number of users to necessitate a higher plan. The Essentials plan gives you 1,000 connected accounts to start, more room to sync data, and comes with richer, more customizable features like our Availability Endpoints. Essentials subscribers receive an additional 25% discount on their connected accounts vs. Basic subscribers. 
  • Enterprise plans are for our larger customers that need to connect high volumes of users to the Nylas platform and want all of the features of Essentials plans and more. With Enterprise, access to Data Residency and Service Accounts features is included in the subscription fee. In addition, Enterprise customers unlock the largest discounts as well as the enterprise-level support plans that cover more complex use cases.

Why are we signing a contract when your website says No Contracts Required? 

We do offer a no-contract option for our Basic plan only. This is offered to Nylas customers that have exceeded their trial period and are not yet ready to subscribe to one of our committed-use packages, which require a contract. 

Subscribers that opt for a no-contract Basic package are subject to pay-as-you-go pricing. On average, your per connected account cost is 56% higher with pay-as-you-go plans, so in every case you will save money by subscribing to a committed-use plan.

We do not offer no-contract options for our Essentials plans and above.

Usage Guides

What happens if I exceed the number of accounts that are in my contract?

We will not automatically remove accounts or throttle your usage in any way. We will simply charge you an additional monthly fee commensurate with your overage. This is part of the “pay-as-you-go” option we offer all subscribers. 

You will always receive a better price for committed-use accounts vs. “pay-as-you-go.” If you plan to connect additional accounts we recommend you contact us first to get the best rates possible.

What happens if I disconnect accounts?

Your bill is calculated based on the amount of accounts that have been connected within any given month. If you disconnect accounts, any difference will be reflected on your next monthly billing cycle.

What happens if I exceed the data sync limit?

We will not automatically restrict the data you sync or throttle your usage in any way. However, if you exceed the data sync limit you may no longer qualify for the plan you are currently on. This is because your platform fees are partially calculated by the amount of data your users sync to the Nylas platform.

Data sync limits are primarily a consideration for Basic subscribers, as many of your users’ accounts will exceed the 1GB per account per month maximum due to the sheer amount of data that exists in their inboxes. 

We recommend the Basic plan for applications that are not in production due to the limit on data sync. With 5GB per connected account per month, the Essentials plan is the best fit for most small to medium-sized businesses that have a full product in production, but may not have the number of users to necessitate an Enterprise plan or above.

Why do you have a data sync limit?

By introducing a data sync limit on our Basic plan, we are able to provide a low-cost entry point for companies that do not yet have an application or feature in production, or who are just starting out and do not have a lot of users. If we removed this limitation, it would force us to raise prices on companies who may not yet be generating income from a product or feature. Ultimately, we want to support developers and customers at all stages to integrate communications data into their applications.

The 5GB per connected account per month limit for the Essentials plan was calculated based upon average data usage metrics amongst current Nylas subscribers that have less than 5000 connected accounts. We have not seen any issues arise for small-to-medium sized businesses that subscribe to our Essentials plan.

Larger companies and enterprise applications that are at-scale have unique needs. To best serve these customers, we provide them with unlimited data sync. Thus allows us to properly address their most demanding use cases. 

What happens if I go over the maximum number of connected accounts for my package?

We will not automatically remove accounts or throttle your usage in any way. We will simply charge you an additional monthly fee commensurate with your overage. 

You will always receive a better price for accepting the next tiered plan vs. incurring overages past the limit of your current plan. If you are getting close to your plan limit, contact us and we will get you on a plan that is better suited for your business (of course,  with all the additional benefits that plan contains).

What is the minimum amount of accounts I can purchase?

Our Basic plan comes bundled with your first 100 accounts, which is our minimum package. Committed-use “Account Packs” in increments of 100 connected accounts are offered for Basic and Essentials subscribers. Committed-use packs of 1000 are offered for Professional and Enterprise subscribers. 

If you are not ready to connect a minimum of 100 accounts, you can try Nylas for free for up to 30 days and connect 10 accounts. This is the perfect option for developers that are looking to quickly test our platform.

Is there a maximum amount of accounts I can connect?

No. You can connect unlimited accounts to the Nylas platform.

How can I monitor the number of accounts connected to my Nylas app? 

You can easily see the number of connected accounts in your Nylas dashboard. Simply click into the Accounts  tab to see your accounts and their respective  statuses: Linked, Running, Partial, Stopped. 

Customization of Plans

Do I have to purchase Account Packs or can I just pay-as-I-go?

You have the option of either purchasing Account Packs as part of a committed-use plan or paying as you go. The difference is in your savings. We offer steep discounts on committed-use accounts vs. “pay-as-you-go” accounts. On average a Nylas subscriber on a committed-use plan will save 56% on their connected account price vs. paying as you go.

Can I purchase extra support without subscribing to a higher tiered plan?

We do offer additional support packages for subscribers that feel they have purchased the appropriate amount of connected accounts. Contact us for more details.

Do you have a monthly subscription option?

We do offer a monthly subscription option for our Basic subscribers. All other Nylas plans provide you with tiered discounts for committing to annual contracts. 

Do you offer additional discounts for multi-year subscriptions?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more details. 

Do you offer additional discounts for up-front payment?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more details.

Can I just purchase a subscription to just one API (ex. email or calendar)?

Yes! While the Nylas Platform works best when all three of our APIs (email, calendar, and contacts) are used together, we do offer a package for just scheduling use cases under our Calendar + Contacts package.

Why aren’t prices listed on the website? 

While we have pre-defined plans listed on our website, these are only starting points. Our pricing has been designed to be flexible so we can fully address your unique needs. When generating a quote for you, our solutions team will review the following options and offer both base price and discount plans based upon the following criteria:

  1. The plan level you select.
  2. The number of accounts you wish to connect to the Nylas platform. 
  3. The payment plan option that best suits your business (e.g. committed-use vs. pay-as-you-go). 
  4. Any additional support and implementation assistance requirements (available as an add-on to any plan that is Essentials or above). 
  5. The subscription term length you select (monthly, annual, or multi-annual).
  6. Your preferred billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, annually).

With so many variables to consider, it’s not possible to list a single price that would be an accurate representation of your final plan. Given that, the easiest way to get a quote fast is to contact us so we can make sure you get the right plan at the best price available.

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