Salesforce integration with Nylas N1 is now available for everyone

We’re excited to announce the Salesforce plugin for Nylas Mail.

As part of our mission to help people and teams at work, we’re always looking for smart ways to incorporate the tools you use every day into N1.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our Salesforce plugin is launching out of our private beta and now available to everyone.

Super quick adding and editing Opportunities and Contacts, all from within N1

When you flip back-and-forth between your inbox and Salesforce to transfer information on Contacts and Opportunities, you waste time and can easily make mistakes. That means critical information is often late getting into Salesforce — and sometimes the data never makes it there at all. Your team doesn’t get a full picture of the opportunities in your pipeline, and deals may even be lost.

That’s why we built the Salesforce plugin for Nylas N1: to help sales executives, marketers, and managers avoid context switching between email and The Salesforce plugin is designed to streamline the activities you do every day — without leaving your inbox. You can add or edit Opportunities and Contacts, and track Leads and Accounts before they enter your pipeline. For live deals, you can also quickly edit the stage or deal size, right from within N1.

So easy to sync email threads — and new email gets synced automatically

N1’s email sync makes it easy to retain a record of every communication logged back in Salesforce — without manually adding each email. New emails on synced threads even get added to Salesforce automatically. And you can quickly search for all of your Salesforce objects right from within N1 — not just Contacts, but also Opportunities and Accounts.

Unified search in N1 brings up all your Salesforce objects, as well as people and email threads

The N1 Salesforce plugin is now available for all N1 users— just connect to your Salesforce Enterprise environment to get started. 

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