The Most Secure Communications API for Automotive Software

The Nylas Universal APIs for email, calendar, and contacts power top automotive applications.

The Most Secure Communications API for Automotive Software

The Nylas Universal APIs for email, calendar, and contacts are changing the way automotive software is built.

Our API is built to for high-performance. It’s incredibly reliable and secure, helping transport data quickly and safely from Point A to Point B.

But that’s just the tip of the spear. Here, we’ve outlined just how powerful the Nylas APIs are for the future of automotive software.

Power Car Consoles With Email, Calendar, and Contacts Data

The Nylas API powers car consoles with real-time email, calendar, and contacts updates. Users can clear their inbox on their commute with a smart car console that reads their emails and allows them to auto-dictate responses.

If a driver wants to email or call a contact from their contacts book in their inbox, a simple voice command can enable this.

Drivers can focus on getting where they need to go without ever having to touch their GPS. When their car console syncs with their calendar, you can enter the destination address for their next meeting into the car’s GPS and (if they’re driving a Tesla) take the driver to their destination almost entirely autonomously.

Streamline Test Drive Scheduling

Automotive companies like Hyundai and Genesis Motors use the Nylas APIs to power software to enable seamless test drive experiences by assigning each car its own calendar. Now, sales agents don’t have to spend time going back and forth with potential test drivers about a time that works for them; these events can be scheduled automatically.

Unlock Faster Car Sharing

Build scheduling features in your car sharing software faster with the Nylas Calendar API.

Integrate once with the Calendar API, and connect to any service provider in the world. Boost user engagement and drive additional revenue by making the car reservation process seamless.

Send confirmation emails to car owners and renters once the ride has been booked knowing your emails will actually land in the inbox, not in the SPAM folder.

Simplify Scheduling for Auto Mechanics

Maintenance scheduling becomes a breeze with the Nylas Calendar API.

Show each mechanic’s availability on a team-wide calendar, allowing your customers to book times at their earliest convenience with the right mechanic. Allow your team to spend more time fixing cars, and less on administrative tasks.

Ready to get started? Create a free developer account here to test out the API, or request a demo below!


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