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Speeding up our Webhooks System 60x

Author: Karim Hamidou
A look at how and why we decided to rearchitect our webhooks system
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#NylasDevEvents: Building Systems that Scale

Everything you want to know about scaling your API (and your organization) from Twilio, LaunchDarkly, StdLib, and Nylas.
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nylas email api calendar api webhooks

Nylas Webhooks: Now Available for Email, Calendar, and Contacts

The new Nylas webhooks system sends webhooks 2-10x sooner, and includes triggers for email, calendar, contacts, and events! 
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Lessons Learned Syncing 800 Million Contacts To Our Database

Author: Annie Cook
We recently upgraded our Contacts API to v2.0. Here's the why and how we did it, and a few major takeaways that Software Developer Annie Cook came away with.
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Making a Faster API

Author: Evan Morikawa

Techniques and Tools for Tuning API Performance and Response Time on a Large Python Fleet

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Nylas Dashboard Homepage.png

Announcing the Nylas Dashboard 2.0

Author: Sachin Agarwal
The Nylas Dashboard 2.0 is built for all stakeholders: developers, sales engineers, customer success, and finance. 
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How a Single API Integration Added Millions in Revenue For Pipedrive

Author: The Nylas Team
“Nylas allowed us to support Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP at scale.”
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3 Trends Transforming Email Into Your Next Big Sales Tool

Author: The Nylas Team
Why email technology should be a strategic cornerstone to your entire sales and marketing cycle.
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How LeadGenius Generated $50M+ In Revenue By Using Nylas APIs

Author: Gleb Polyakov
How LeadGenius used Nylas to help generate $50M+ in pipeline revenue.
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