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New Features: Revoke All Tokens and Whitelisted IPs

In every part of our API design, we strive to help you build the most secure inbox connection to your application. Which is why today, we’re excited to announce two new features that further enhance security on our platform:

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Speeding up our Webhooks System 60x

Author: Karim Hamidou
A look at how and why we decided to rearchitect our webhooks system
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#NylasDevEvents: Building Systems that Scale

Everything you want to know about scaling your API (and your organization) from Twilio, LaunchDarkly, StdLib, and Nylas.
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nylas email api calendar api webhooks

Nylas Webhooks: Now Available for Email, Calendar, and Contacts

The new Nylas webhooks system sends webhooks 2-10x sooner, and includes triggers for email, calendar, contacts, and events! 
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Lessons Learned Syncing 800 Million Contacts To Our Database

Author: Annie Cook
How to design your infrastructure with scale in mind.
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Making a Faster API

Author: Evan Morikawa

Techniques and tools for tuning API performance and response time on a large Python fleet

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Announcing the Nylas Dashboard 2.0

The Nylas Dashboard 2.0 is built for all stakeholders: developers, sales engineers, customer success, and finance. 
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How a Single API Integration Added Millions in Revenue For Pipedrive

Author: The Nylas Team
“Nylas allowed us to support Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP at scale.”
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3 Trends Transforming Email Into Your Next Big Sales Tool

Author: The Nylas Team
Why email technology should be a strategic cornerstone to your entire sales and marketing cycle.
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How LeadGenius Generated $50M+ In Revenue By Using Nylas APIs

Author: Gleb Polyakov
How LeadGenius used Nylas to help generate $50M+ in pipeline revenue.
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