x.ai Alternative: Nylas Scheduler

x.ai Alternative: Nylas Scheduler

x.ai is sunsetting its standalone scheduling tool. Now’s a good time to boost your app’s performance by integrating native scheduling.

As x.ai sunsets its scheduling tool, you may be looking for a new solution to meet your scheduling needs. As you consider your many options, let’s take a look at the ways in which the Nylas Scheduler can provide the functionality that x.ai provided, and a lot more. 

Meet All Your App’s Scheduling Needs Without Third-Party Solutions

The Nylas Scheduler is a highly customizable, front-end scheduler powered by the Nylas back-end calendar sync engine. 

A few of x.ai’s features sought out by users include:

  • Control over your own calendar by setting limited meeting hours, maximum breather time between meetings. 
  • Managing country-specific holidays, and out of office time.
  • Following up with reminders about scheduling. 

Nylas’ Scheduler gives you:

  • The ability to instantly and automatically find compatible meeting times for organizers and attendees and send scheduling requests.
  • Customizable scheduling based on meeting types, availability, time zone, and language.
  • Enhanced data syncs and contact management between smart devices, OEMs, and dealers, allowing for real-time service requests, maintenance scheduling, and more, all directly from a driver’s console.
  • White-labeling templates for company logos, colors, and branding elements. 
  • Custom calendar reminders. 

Not only that, one developer can set up the Nylas Scheduler in a matter of days. To make integration easier, the Nylas Scheduler provides this functionality out of the box in a pre-built, customizable user interface.  

Organizers use the schedule editor inside of your application (left), and can share their scheduling pages (right) with attendees.

To check out the complete suite of powerful Nylas Scheduler features, check out our docs.

Out-of-the-Box Enterprise-Grade Security

Transitioning away from x.ai may have you concerned about security. User’s calendars are chock full of confidential data that they wish to keep private and they seek the peace of mind that their data isn’t being accessed by malicious actors looking to exploit vulnerabilities. 

Here at Nylas, security is paramount; our platform is regularly tested and audited by third-party security firms, and we provide an out-of-the-box solution that adheres to SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FINRA regulations. 


If you’re looking for a robust alternative to x.ai, check out the Nylas Scheduler, and easily embed a full-featured scheduler with customizable UI directly into your app. Sign up and try the API for free today, or schedule time to speak to a platform specialist now.

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