Nylas vs Cal.com

Take Charge of Your 
Data With More Complex Scheduling Workflows

Increase efficiency by leveraging full-featured scheduling capabilities across 100% of providers

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Improve CX

Send custom reminders for upcoming events via SMS, Email, Slack, and MS Teams with omnichannel reminders for the Nylas Calendar API.

Streamline Workflows

Save time and create a seamless 
user experience with round-robin booking capabilities and automatic timezone detection.

Build Trust

Mitigate risk by utilizing our verified Microsoft Azure application, enrolled 
in the Microsoft Partner Network 
(MPN) program.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with the Nylas APIs

We give your developers more features than Cal.com with greater flexibility and time-to-value.

Cal.com API Nylas API
Email API
Calendar API
Contacts API
Scheduler UI
Real-time scheduling
Round-robin scheduling
Instant booking
Omnichannel reminders
Timezone detection
GDPR Compliant
Data Residency (US, EU, Canada)
Native Auth
SOC 2 Certified
Usability & Customization
Automatic provider detection
Whitelabeled scheduler
Admin accounts
Detailed insights into webhooks, synced account status
Azure verified app
Free custom scheduling URLs
Nylas accelerated our timelines for moving forward because they provided a clear solution to meet our challenges. We were able to springboard out of the vision stage and dive into the execution sprint.
Ben Rubin, CPO at Funnel, on partnering with Nylas