1st-party insights with universal email parsing

Access and extract structured communications data for application interfaces, personalization, or analysis.

Personalization in real-time

Build personalized experiences by unlocking and analyzing email data in real-time.

Automate data extraction to unlock 1st-party insights

With Nylas email parsing, data is pre-filtered to power workflows across the digital account management customer journey.

Transform your customer experience with email parsing

Native and hosted auth


Gain access to email service providers within a secure, out-of-the-box authentication solution.

Data intelligence


Access the email data you want with intelligent filters so that the right subject matter and defined entities are structured for use.

Build with flexible, customizable user interfaces

Deploy anywhere

Deploy pre-filtered communications data directly into applications or data warehouses for analysis or data services.

Experience the Nylas difference

Experience the Nylas difference
Build with flexible, customizable user interfaces
Power automation

Extract insights from email data that can power workflow automations, such as personalized recommendations across applications.

Seamlessly connect and collaborate
Increase loyalty and revenue

Access 1st-party data from consumer purchase emails to unlock a holistic view of your customers and personalize customer experiences that drive engagement.

Operationalize data insights
Real-time data insights

Improve decision-making speed across your organization with continuous intelligence and better situational awareness to achieve faster, more precise business decisions.

Experience the Nylas difference
Improve user interface

Simplify the customer experience for your users with recommendations tailored specifically for them, based on 1st-party data in their inboxes.

Drive self-service
Increase engagement and conversion

Increase engagement by 10% MoM with features that are unique to your customers, such as multi-carrier delivery tracking, and increase repeat business by 3x.

Native & hosted auth
Enhance customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction by streamlining refund tracking, dispute resolution, and warranty management powered by email parsing.

Automate workflows for real-time insights

Access and analyze 1st-party data in real-time to unlock instant business value and increased customer loyalty.



Provider integration: Managing multiple provider integrations shifts engineering focus toward data acquisition vs operationalizing the business value of data in applications.

Get unmatched deliverability

Universal access: One universal connection provides integration across communications providers such as email without maintenance.

Data engineering: Creating data uniformity across providers often requires data engineering for integration in services, application interfaces, or analysis.

Get unmatched deliverability

Managed data prep: Communications data is normalized for pre-defined schemas so it’s ready for application integration or analysis.

Data connectors: Building individual data connectors for each provider requires maintenance and engineering resources.

Get unmatched deliverability

Flexible data destinations: Structured communications data is delivered to the destination of choice, quickly accelerating time to value.

Centralized connectivity

Centralized connectivity

Get access to universal email data from a unified connection.

Data intelligence

Data intelligence

Unlock insights from communications data faster with managed data transformation.


Access structured, real-time customer order data to increase engagement and customer loyalty.

Shipping & logistics

Access structured, real-time shipping and delivery data to unlock multi-carrier delivery tracking.

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