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Lawyers shouldn’t need another advanced degree to figure out how to best serve their clients. But, litigation requires logistics. Before a case hits the courtroom, law firms need to do the work before the work: onboarding clients, reviewing documents, and scheduling meetings.

Lexicata, the legal CRM, gives attorneys a suite of tools to help them focus on the work that’s most important. If a firm is using the wrong set of tools to manage clients, they can create logistical thrash that affects the most important part of an attorney-client relationship — communication.

A lion’s share of that communication happens via email. Using Nylas’ API, Lexicata gave attorneys a new way to make the most out of their email, and their business.

Streamlining Onboarding with the Nylas Email API

“We needed a modern way to work with email,” says Lexicata CEO, Aaron George. Lexicata saw the potential to introduce their clients to a new email experience that would delight attorneys and clients alike.

Law firms’ biggest hurdle is onboarding clients. When firms use clunky email onboarding tools, they’re stuck sending mixed messages, rolling out the proverbial welcome mat while making clients jump through hoops.

Clients have to download a form, find it on their computer, find the application to fill it out, save it, attach it, and email it back. Lexicata empowers their clients to deliver a better first impression, powered by Nylas’ Email API. A set of disparate steps is now organized under the domain of email.

“We needed a seamless way to control email inboxes, signatures, formatting, etc. We needed more than just rich text editing — integration was the biggest thing,” says George.

At a Glance

  • Integrated with 100% of email providers
  • Saved 12 months of engineering time
  • Powered profit-driving features in-app
aaron george
Aaron George
Co-founder of Lexicata
Our customers needed email features in their CRM, and Nylas made it easy to build. [The Nylas APIs] are a modern way to work with email.
Aaron George
Co-founder of Lexicata

Giving Users A New Powerful Tool For Client Outreach

Using the Nylas Sync Engine, Lexicata enabled their users to view and control all client email correspondence from one CRM. Having more articulated control over a client’s first impression of their attorney can help onboarding in the early stages of an attorney-client relationship. But, Lexicata looked down the road from onboarding as well. They built tools to help their clients focus on growing and securing client-relationships.

Lexicata’s clients handle privileged, sensitive material everyday. Security of that information is a primary concern to Lexicata because it’s paramount to their users. When Lexicata was looking around for an email API provider, they knew they needed robust security controls.

Nylas’ security docs and out-of-the-box support for two factor authentication quickly addressed those concerns. Lexicata’s new email integration works securely at scale, ensuring their users information is safe.


Saving Valuable Development Time with Robust Email API Integration

Lexicata built email support and integration with Nylas in just two weeks with a few engineers. Instead of wasting development time building out individual integrations for each separate email platform their clients use, Lexicata’s developers integrated with Nylas once to deploy support for all leading email platforms.

“It would have cost us at least a year to build out just the Exchange and Google integration,” says George. By building on top of the Nylas API, the Lexicata team was able to focus on other core components of their CRM.

“Our customers needed email features in their CRM, and Nylas made it easy to build,” says George.

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