Nowsite cuts churn by 75% and unlocks revenue with unmatched email deliverability

The Nylas Email API helped Nowsite increase email deliverability to nearly 100% overnight while doubling its NPS and adding over $1 million ARR

Unlocks new enterprise market
Powerful email + calendar features
Frees up 10+ engineers

Nowsite, one of Canada’s Top New Growth companies in 2020, gives small business owners the tools they need to discover, pitch, and close customers at scale. Nowsite’s Founder and CEO, Justin Belobaba, noticed that there was a huge gap in the market: resource-constrained small business owners needed powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to find and close targeted prospects for sales teams of 10 or less. 

“There’s an opportunity to build a destination for the independent salesperson – to give them a home, a platform – and to be a trusted partner,” said Belobaba.

Today, Nowsite has 40,000+ users on its platform and is adding 1,500 more users per month. 90% of its users are commissioned freelance salespeople including real estate agents, insurance brokers, and affiliate marketers. These business owners often don’t have the time or the technical background to operate complex marketing technology. Nowsite created a straightforward online marketing platform with a focus on CRM capabilities such as pipeline management, trackable sales stages, follow-up reminders, and more.


To deliver its promise of streamlining online marketing and sales independent business owners, the Nowsite team knew they needed to deliver a powerful email integration within the platform. Natively building email helps reduce context switching and increases engagement, productivity, and overall customer happiness.

Nowsite initially built this feature with a well-known transactional email service, however it resulted in problematic deliverability rates – often close to 0%. This is a common challenge for many organizations using transactional providers, and Nowsite knew its users needed more. Sharing an IP with senders who don’t follow email best practices and exhibit spam-like behaviors can significantly decrease deliverability rates. In fact, emails sent to users through proxy servers are 20% more likely to be flagged by email service providers (ESPs) and designated as SPAM.

“No matter what we did, all outgoing emails continued ending up in spam folders. A few bad apples spoil the bunch. We tried various solutions to address the problem, including spending $20,000-30,000 on outside consultants, filtering, spam scoring – nothing worked. It was really frustrating for us,” said Belobaba.

Email deliverability was one of the top three reasons Nowsite customers churned, so the company began to look for another solution fast.


To address Nowsite’s deliverability challenges, the company turned to the Nylas Email API. With Nylas, Nowsite built an integration with all email providers, allowing users to send and receive emails directly within the platform. The implementation was extremely smooth, with Nowsite getting up and running in under three weeks from start to finish. Once launched, the company solved its users’ email deliverability problem overnight.

“Nylas solved the email deliverability problem perfectly for us. Our users were able to send marketing emails through their individualized email accounts rather than with transactional email service providers. Keeping accounts separate has been a big win,” said Belobaba.

1. Email Builder (Powered by Nylas): Below, you can see the welcome screen where users can build an email template. They can access their own email accounts within the platform instead of mass sending via an email service provider. This increases customer engagement by encouraging users to stay in the platform.
2. Get Started: This page is the home screen where users can view their daily checklist, prospects, launch SalesFlow, and set targeting criteria. This is a convenient way for the user to see all important details in one dashboard view.
3. Prospect Search: Here the user can set their criteria for the perfect sales prospect. By using this feature, users get a more targeted search which speeds up the sales cycle.
4. SalesFlow Email Composer (Powered by Nylas): Below you can see where users can compose their own email to a prospect, or select from a library of email templates provided by Nowsite. This creates a smoother sales process for the user.


With Nylas, Nowsite users can access their own email accounts within the platform. By using their own email account and reputation, deliverability rates went from close to 0% to nearly 100%. By providing a highly improved customer experience, monthly churn fell 75% – generating over $1 million in additional yearly revenue since the Nylas integration. Nowsite also doubled its Net Promoter Score, from 25 to 49, in the same period.

Looking ahead, Nowsite is planning to expand its CRM functionality and solve additional pain points within the sales process for its users. It has developed a new prospecting tool, a searchable database of over 2.5 billion prospects. Using machine learning, the tool can predict the most suitable prospects and make data-driven recommendations on how to best reach them. This continues to help Nowsite users boost sales pipeline and have a smoother sales process within the platform.

“One of the top three reasons our customers churned was email deliverability. Nylas solved a critical problem for us overnight. We went from close to 0% to nearly 100% deliverability.”

-Justin Belobaba, CEO at Nowsite




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