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5 Reasons Sales and CRMs Leverage Email APIs

Sales teams and CRMs improve efficiency, close deals faster, and get better email deliverability with an email API Read More

9 Reasons To Integrate Your App with the Nylas Email API

Sync your app with email seamlessly with the Nylas email API. Read More

50 Email Best Practices for Sales Teams

In this article, we’ve rounded up 50 of the email best practices for sales teams. Read More

Announcing Nylas Mail 2.0 🙌

Find out what's new in Nylas Mail 2.0 Read More

🎉 Nylas Mail is now free!

Introducing Nylas Basic and 20x faster sync performance

Read More

Salesforce integration with Nylas N1 is now available for everyone

We’re excited to announce the Salesforce plugin for Nylas Mail. Read More

How a Single API Integration Added Millions in Revenue For Pipedrive

“Nylas allowed us to support Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP at scale.” Read More

Sorry, email is (still) not dead.

The data shows that for external communicaiton, email is still the best medium by far. Read More

3 Trends Transforming Email Into Your Next Big Sales Tool

Why email technology should be a strategic cornerstone to your entire sales and marketing cycle. Read More

The New Era of Enterprise Software

Welcome to the Smart Enterprise era. Read More

Nylas N1 now has reminders and undo send!

Announcing two new features for N1 Read More

Say hello to email sharing in Nylas N1

Provide a shareable link for any thread with Nylas N1 Read More

How LeadGenius Generated $50M+ In Revenue By Using Nylas APIs

How LeadGenius used Nylas to help generate $50M+ in pipeline revenue. Read More

Salesforce Lightning, Meet the Inbox

Announcing the N1 - Salesforce integration. Read More

⭐️ Nylas N1 has 20k stars! ⭐️

Nylas N1 ranked #73 across more than 3.5 million projects. Read More

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