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Salesforce Lightning, Meet the Inbox

Announcing the N1 - Salesforce integration.
By: The Nylas Team
October 26, 2016


Great tools fit the job being done. But until now, email has been one-size-fits-all for all employees, regardless of their role.

Today, we’re changing that. The Salesforce plugin for N1 is a powerful, customizable tool that allows sales and marketing teams to create leads and update deals — all without ever leaving the inbox. By putting CRM directly inside the email inbox, Nylas N1 helps you streamline your workflow, book more meetings, and close more sales.

Salesforce Lightning inside your inbox!

Why did we build a plugin for Salesforce?

The average knowledge worker spends 28% of the work week managing emails. That adds up to a lot of time — about 650 hours per year! And for sales teams, where reps spend the bulk of their day doing outreach and building relationships, that percentage can be even higher.

Email is the single biggest use of time at work for most people — which also means your inbox represents the biggest opportunity to streamline your workflow and improve productivity. One way to do this is to bring other tools you use to do your job — like Salesforce, directly into your email so you don’t have to switch between applications.

What does the plugin do?

By enabling you to connect directly with Salesforce — the single most popular system of record for sales organizations — from inside the inbox, Nylas N1 turns what was previously a tedious, productivity-killing process into a delightful experience. You can create and edit contacts, leads, opportunities, and accounts directly from your messages, and you can sync threads with your Salesforce opportunities.



How to join the Salesforce plugin beta

If you’re interested in joining our private beta, we’d love to have your feedback on the new plugin! Please fill out this form to join the waitlist, and we’ll contact you when a spot is available.

As a thank you for filling out our feedback survey, we’ll give you 3 months additional free access to Nylas N1. You should see this take effect a few days after you complete the survey.

Have questions or comments? Hit us up on Twitter. Happy emailing! :)

— The Nylas Team