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The Nylas Communications Platform is for software developers who need to build features using email, calendar, and contacts data. Nylas is the only unified communications platform that connects to every inbox, calendar, and contacts provider in the world.

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Quick-Start SDKs

Nylas offers three powerful SDKs with the same end result: simplifying your email, calendar, and contacts integration so you can spend more time focusing on the features you love to build. With our idiomatic SDKs for Ruby, Node JS, and Python, you can integrate Nylas into your app faster, maintain higher code quality, and onboard new developers quicker.

import Nylas from 'nylas';   Nylas.config({ appId: APP_ID, appSecret: APP_SECRET, });   var nylas = \Nylas.with(ACCESS_TOKEN);   nylas.threads .count({in:'inbox'}) .then(count => { console.log( `There are ${count} events in your inbox.` ); });
from nylas import APIClient   client = APIClient( APP_ID, APP_SECRET, ACCESS_TOKEN, )
threads = \client.threads.where( unread=True, limit=5, )  for thread in threads: print(thread.subject)
require 'nylas'   nylas = Nylas::API.new( app_id: APP_ID, app_secret: APP_SECRET, access_token: ACCESS_TOKEN )   threads = nylas .threads.search("Hello!")   threads.each do |thread| puts thread subject end

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Modern, RESTful API

Work with one modern API that pulls json and xml data in real-time. Never worry about building updates or integrations for clients like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook.com that often have server-specific edge cases that are time-consuming and frustrating to debug.

curl https://api.nylas.com/messages/ed0djdf1r8224kkz082t9jn62 -X GET -u  vVX4pibJbmbhPEomjX7jiXL2PeVsRQ:
View Response
{ "account_id": "3j0boconb8hz8lwzkuo4flaqm", "body": "<p>Hey there!</p>...", "date": 1490839701, "folder": { "name": "inbox" }, "from":[ { "email": "sales@nylas.com", "name": "Sales" } ], "to":[ { "email": "jon@mail.com", "name": "jon@mail.com" } ], "id": "ed0djdf1r8224kkz082t9jn62", "object": "message", "subject": "Re: Hi from Nylas", "thread_id": "70lap01efukl20jvucx300dq6" }

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