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One-to-many integration

The Nylas Cloud API is compatible with 100% of email services, calendars, and contacts books so you only have to integrate once. Any updates to the docs for individual email clients are handled by Nylas, so there's no need for any ongoing maintenance. With Nylas, you can simply "set it and forget it" and let the API do the heavy-lifting for you, rather than building unique integrations with archaic and outdated IMAP and SMTP protocols.

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Modern, RESTful API

Work with one modern API that pulls json and xml data in real-time. Never worry about building updates or integrations for clients like Exchange and O365 that often have server-specific edge cases that are time-consuming and frustrating to debug.

curl -X GET -u  vVX4pibJbmbhPEomjX7jiXL2PeVsRQ:
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{ "account_id": "3j0boconb8hz8lwzkuo4flaqm", "body": "<p>Hey there!</p>...", "date": 1490839701, "folder": { "name": "inbox" }, "from":[ { "email": "", "name": "Sales" } ], "to":[ { "email": "", "name": "" } ], "id": "ed0djdf1r8224kkz082t9jn62", "object": "message", "subject": "Re: Hi from Nylas", "thread_id": "70lap01efukl20jvucx300dq6" }

Quick-start SDKs

Get up and running with the Nylas API in just a few minutes. The documentation for individual email clients like Exchange and O365 are proprietary and updated as often as they wish making it difficult to integrate with and even harder to maintain over time. With Nylas, you can get started in just a few minutes using our developer-friendly SDKs and quick-start guide.



Enterprise-grade security ensures your data is held to the highest level of safety standards in the industry. Your data is 100% encrypted, compliant with FINRA and FERPA, and HIPAA ready.

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