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Nylas APIs make it simple to create powerful email and scheduling capabilities. Join an upcoming live demo and see for yourself.

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Nylas 101

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Millions of communications data points (your emails, calendars, contacts, etc.) are generated every single day but tapping into them is a massive hurdle. Your focus should be on improving your customer experience, not building complex infrastructure.

In just 30 minutes, we’ll walk through how you can plug and play Nylas’ Email API and Calendar API to turn communications data into your competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to create communications-driven features in moments, not months.


Format: Online
Length: 30min

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Nylas 101 / Americas
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We'll cover:

  1. How to make your first API request from the Nylas dashboard in a few short minutes
  2. How to run multiple test scripts with our Email API, Calendar API, Scheduler, and more
  3. How to find and use our developer resources to innovate better features faster
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