The Missing API For Microsoft Exchange Email

The Nylas Email API Powers Apps with 100% of Email Service Providers


Microsoft Exchange is one of the leading email service providers with hundreds of millions of active users and counting. To expand your reach and serve all your users, you’ll likely need to incorporate Exchange into your email operations. The Nylas Email API eliminates the headache of integrating with Exchange both on-prem and in the cloud, and gives you a dependable platform to future-proof your application.


A Better Way to Integrate with the Exchange Email API

There are three ways to integrate Exchange servers: EWS, EAS, and IMAP. While EWS is the newest of all three protocols, it still falls short of the modern development standards you expect from mission critical tools like email. Nylas’ API sits atop Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, saving you 12-18 months of development time while delivering email functionality and reliability Microsoft can’t offer.

import Nylas from'nylas';   Nylas.config({ appId: APP_ID, appSecret: APP_SECRET, });   nylas.threads.count({in:'inbox'}).then(count => { console.log('There are ${count} events in your inbox.'); });
from nylas import APIClient   client = APIClient(APP_ID, APP_SECRET, token) for thread in client.threads.where(unread=True, limit=5): print(thread.subject)
require 'nylas'"Hello!").each do |thread| puts thread .subject end

The Burdens of Building with Exchange Directly

Development cycles are precious. They should be spent programming, not pouring through 1,000 pages of Microsoft’s specifications.

Nylas gives you production-ready, flexible code in the programming language you prefer, so you can engineer your email stack to your specifications.

Crafting Exchange protocols to fit your unique needs requires you to write business logic in WBXML so Microsoft’s API can wrap commands to send to Exchange servers. Once you invest the time wiring up functionality between your servers and Exchange servers, there’s no guarantee your application will remain upright.

Building directly on Exchange platform, you’re responsible for brokering negotiations between different versions of EAS and EWS. You have to keep track of server-side issues from intermittent processing issues, mailboxes that won’t sync, granting administrator privileges from Office365 and any number of fluctuating problems.

These problems are only magnified as you scale. With each new server you integrate, you build another dependency. Troubleshooting errors for new users syncing email accounts can turn EAS integration maintenance into a full-time job.

Nylas does things differently.


Scaling Exchange Functionality on the Nylas Platform

We built our own Exchange/ActiveSync integration to simplify the integration process for developers around the world. While Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) was designed in 2003 for lightweight, mobile applications, Nylas is designed for the modern business and the modern developer.

The Nylas API handles billions of requests per month for companies in industries from ATS, to finance, to real estate, and the legal space. No matter the size, volume, or pace of your email integration, Nylas can support it.

EAS integrations are complex to build and maintain. Nylas eliminates that burden so you can get back to making your customers happy.



“Nylas allowed us to integrate with, Exchange, Office365, and IMAP email providers in a scalable way.

The new features we built with the Nylas API help users understand each contact, opportunity, or deal at a glance…”

Timo Rein
Co-founder and CEO at Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales enablement software that uses Nylas to power their platform with two-way email sync and send. The added features help funnel sales prospects through the process quickly, leading to millions of dollars in revenue.

Ready to get started?


How do I get started with the Nylas Email API?

You can create a developer account with Nylas and sync up to 10 email accounts from different users for free using the Nylas Email API here.

Where do I access the Nylas Email API key?

You can access the Email API key directly from your Nylas dashboard. One key unlocks access to any email provider in the world! Exciting, we know.

How do my users activate email sync?

Your users can kick-start full email sync simply by granting Nylas access to their account. Your users will input their credentials and then be redirected back to your application.

What kinds of companies use the Nylas Email API?

Learn how customers in the CRM, ATS, automotive, finance and legal industries, and more use the Nylas Email API on our case studies page.

What language is the Nylas Email API built on?

Python! We love Python at Nylas; it’s reliable and robust, just like our Email API.

How is the Email API secured?

The Nylas Email API encrypts 100% of your data with enterprise-grade security standards. In addition, Nylas is GDPR compliant, SOC2 compliant, and HIPAA and FINRA ready.

What are the pricing options for the Nylas Email API?

You can sync up to 10 user’s email accounts for free for 30 days. After that, pricing is based on the number of accounts you have synced; you can view our pricing page for more details.

Additional questions about building your email integration?

Check out our comprehensive Getting Started guide.