Enhance Your Customer Support Solutions

Automatically summarize, categorize, and route customer support messages directly within your application.

Slash Response and Resolution Times

Fifty-four percent of customers who communicate with customer service departments do so via email, making it the single most valuable channel for digital customer service. With Nylas, you can build deep integrations to your users’ inboxes so they can quickly see, understand, and respond to customer service requests directly within your application.

Your Software

Take the Pain Out of Integrating

Connect with agents’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts with a single integration.

Automate Manual CS Processes

Summarize, categorize, and route customer support messages directly in your application.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Roadmap

Give developers everything they need to build and launch new features faster than ever before.

Your Users

Respond to Requests Faster

Read and reply to customer support messages directly in a single location.

Improve CSAT and NPS Scores

Trigger proactive outreach to customers and keep them satisfied.

Automate Customer Care

Automate follow-up communications to customers and ensure full issue resolution.

Build Features that Make Customer Service Better

Bi-Directional Data Sync

Securely pull in critical data from agents’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts.


Allow agents to schedule interactions with customers based on criteria like the earliest availability for all participants.

Automated Communications

Automate and personalize customer email communications with custom templates.

Sentiment Analysis

Get a quick read on how customers feel based on keywords and tone within their messages.

Data Extraction & Conversion

Parse relevant information from messages and calendar items to automatically populate fields in your customer service application.

Multi-Calendar Booking

Add meetings to every participants’ calendar, both inside and outside of your users’ organization.

Scheduled Email Send

Schedule customer notifications to send at optimal times.

Email Deliverability

Send bulk emails to customers while maintaining 99% deliverability rates.

Folders & Categorization

Include smart folders and categories in your user interface.


Distinguish machine-to-human from human-to-human messages.

Smart Search & Filtering

Easily access files and attachments from customer communications in one location.