Build a Reliable, Transparent Delivery Experience

Transform your application into a centralized operations hub with powerful APIs that optimize shipping schedules and alerts and improve visibility into delivery logistics.

Automate Your Shipping and Logistics Software

67% of logistics providers struggle to find and retain customers. With Nylas, you can offer intelligent platform features that automate manual tasks like sending shipping notifications, updating user profiles, and extracting actionable user data from communications.

Your Software

Take the Pain Out of Integration

Connect your customers’ inboxes and calendars with a single API.

Reduce Manual Logistics Processes

Automate the seamless extraction of data from emails and order summaries.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Roadmap

Give your developers everything they need to build and launch new features faster than ever before.

Your Users

Provide a Reliable Delivery Experience

Give customers transparency into the shipping process, and deeper visibility into delivery details.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Trigger proactive outreach to customers.

Prevent Package Theft

Keep customers informed with timely, automated package notifications and delivery updates.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Bi-Directional Data Sync

Securely sync critical data from customers’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts into your application.

Integrated Calendars & Delivery Scheduling

Push pick-up and delivery dates to sender and recipient calendars.

Entity Detection

Expose data in email orders, such as pricing information, order numbers and order summaries.

Omni-Channel Notifications

Send customers shipping notifications and reminders via SMS and email for upcoming and completed deliveries.

Event Reminders

Create calendar events for shipping and receiving dates, and generate reminders.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Extract information from tracking updates, receipts, and more.

Clean Conversations

Transform emails between your CS reps and your customers into an uncluttered, chat-like experience.

Signature Extraction

Automatically extract signature block details like name, phone number, and address for corporate deliveries.

Automated Communications

Automate and personalize customer email communications with custom templates.

Email Deliverability

Send bulk emails to customers while maintaining 99% deliverability rates.

Scheduled Email Send

Schedule customer communications to send at the optimal time based on historical data trends.

Sentiment Analysis

Get a quick read on how customers feel based on the keywords and tone in their messages.