One Integration, Every Provider

The Nylas APIs act as a single point of integration to every email, calendar, and contacts service provider.

Integrate With Nylas,
Focus on Other Core Features

Connect Your App to Users’ Data in Minutes

Our modern, RESTful API lets you integrate email, calendar, and contacts in a fraction of the time it would take to build your own integration.

Real-Time, Two-Way Data Sync

Sync both historic and live email, calendar, and contacts data in real-time with 100% accuracy.

Create, Read, Update, and Delete Capabilities

Unlock full CRUD capabilities in your application with every synced account.

Avoid Ongoing Maintenace

Nylas handles provider-specific maintenance for you, saving hundreds of engineering hours per year.

Go Beyond Just the Provider-Specific Features

Access features like granular scopes, SSO, programmatic webhooks, custom event reminders, and more.

Scale With Confidence

Our platform grows easily and affordably along with your business, from hundreds to millions of connected accounts.

Integrate Once, Connect to Every Provider

Get all the provider-specific API features and more.

Gmail Integration

Exchange Integration

Office 365 Integration Integration

Apple Integration

Yahoo Integration

AOL Integration

IMAP / SMTP Integration