Create Calendar Events and Contacts from AOL Email

The Nylas APIs power the world’s leading software applications with essential features and sync from AOL and 100% of email service providers.

  • Node
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
import Nylas from 'nylas';
    clientId: CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET
var nylas =  
    .then(count => {
            `You have ${count} contacts.`


public class Contacts { 
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
    NylasAccount account = new NylasClient().account(ACCESS_TOKEN);
    List contacts = account.contacts().list(); Contact contact ) -> {
      System.out.println( event.getEmails() ); 


from nylas import APIClient
nylas = APIClient(
events =
for event in events:


require 'nylas'
nylas =
    app_id: CLIENT_ID,
    app_secret: CLIENT_SECRET,
    access_token: ACCESS_TOKEN
events =
events.each do |events|
    puts events.title


Create Contacts and Calendar Events from AOL in Minutes

The Nylas API syncs AOL emails with your platform and automatically creates contacts and calendar events from email messages.

Go Beyond AOL Contacts and Calendars Sync

The Nylas APIs connects your application to 100% of email service providers. Gain access to additional features beyond a standard AOL integration.

One Integration, Every Provider

The Nylas API allows you to sync not only email data into your application in real-time but calendar and contact data from every provider as well.

Hosted and Native Authentication

Freedom to choose between a secure login experience hosted by Nylas or one where users can log in directly in-app without ever needing to redirect to Nylas.

Leverage Email Data Extraction

Nylas uses email data extraction to create calendar events and contacts from AOL emails.

Slash the Costs of Your AOL and IMAP Integration

As your platform scales and your user base grows, so do costs for directly maintaining the AOL integration. Nylas handles these for you, including costs for:

  • Operating servers
  • Building AOL security features, infrastructure, and support
  • Troubleshooting bugs

The Nylas APIs abstracts away the ongoing maintenance tasks for you. Our API comes with out-of-the-box security certifications, and we power even more granular scopes than most providers to enhance security for your end-users.

Calculate Your Savings With the Nylas APIs »

With Nylas, Everything is Secure. Everything is Connected.

Security is our top priority — we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Nylas is SOC 2 Certified, Privacy Shield certified, GDPR compliant, and HIPAA and FINRA ready. Data from every contact you sync is encrypted and isolated with multi-level permission checks.

Learn How
  • World-Class Security Certifications
  • Token Management
  • Whitelisted IPs
  • Data Encryption
  • Granular Authentication Scopes
  • Gated Permission Checks
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How do I know how much time and money I’m saving with the Nylas API?

You can calculate exactly how much time and money you can save with our savings calculator.

How do I get started integrating with AOL?

You can create a developer account with Nylas and sync up to 10 accounts for free here.

Where do I get the access key that allows me to begin integrating with AOL?

You can access the Nylas Contacts and Calendar API key for AOL directly from your Nylas dashboard. One key unlocks access to any contacts provider in the world! Exciting, we know.

How do my users activate contacts sync?

Your users can kick-start full contacts sync simply authenticating access. Your users will input their credentials and then be redirected back to your application.

What kinds of companies use the Nylas API to integrate with AOL?

Learn how customers in the CRM, ATS, automotive, finance, and legal industries use the Nylas Email API on our case studies page.

What languages can I use to integrate with the AOL API?

We provide SDKs that make it easy to integrate your app using Python, Node.js, Java, or Ruby, or you can use a different language of choice to connect to our RESTful API.

How is the Nylas API integration with the AOL API secured?

The Nylas Contacts API encrypts 100% of your data with military-grade security standards. In addition, Nylas is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 compliant, and HIPAA and FINRA ready.

What are the pricing options for integrating with the AOL API?

You can sync up to 10 accounts for free. After that, pricing is based on the number of accounts you have synced; you can view our pricing page for more details.

Additional questions about building your contacts integration?

Check out our comprehensive Getting Started Guide.