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Nylas offers more features, better performance, and enterprise-grade security at a fraction of the cost of a Kloudless subscription.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with the Nylas APIs

We give your developers more features and greater flexibility at 25% cost savings.

Kloudless API Nylas API


Email API
Calendar API
Contacts API + Graph
Connect to 100% of Providers


Email Analytics
Attachment Sync
Label/Folder CRUD
Drafts CRUD
Email Metadata – Starred & Unread
Threads CRUD


Scheduler UI
Rooms & Resources
Virtual Calendars
Recurring events CRUD
Availability API w/ External Free/Busy
Round robin/advanced scheduling
Instant booking


Contacts CRUD
Contacts Graph


Express Security Review
Data Residency (EU, US, and CA)
SOC 2 Certified
GDPR Compliant
Native Auth

Usability & Customization

Service Accounts
Automatic provider detection
Whitelabeling for all tiers
Detailed insights into webhooks, synced account status


Nylas is the most cost-effective way to build and scale your communications integrations. Whether you’re connecting 300 users or 1,000,000+, Nylas is the most scalable way to add revenue to your platform.

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  • Nylas pricing is simple and predictable
  • Nylas is 75% cheaper than Kloudless on average
  • Nylas offers a la carte package options unlike Kloudless
  • Nylas is free for up to 10 users for 30 days
  • Nylas is cost-effective, saving companies over $2M in development costs
  • Nylas doesn’t require contracts
  • Nylas offers predictable pricing plans
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Enterprise-Grade Features

Increase velocity with features built for companies at scale.

Service Accounts

Onboard enterprise customers faster with SSO.

Native Authentication

Build fully customizable, native authentication workflows.

Programmatic Webhooks

Efficiently create webhooks and reconnect automatically.

Programmatic Redirect URIs

Automatically generate customized redirect URIs.

One Integration, Every Provider

Nylas provides integrations for a much wider range of service providers than Kloudless, including Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, IMAP, AOL, and Yahoo. In addition, Nylas’s platform of email, calendar, and contacts APIs allows you to unlock massive user productivity workflows by using these three systems in harmony.
Email Integrations
Calendar Integrations
Contacts Integrations

Email Integrations

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The Nylas Universal Email API allows users to connect to any inbox in minutes, have real-time sync with user’s inboxes, have full CRUD capabilities with each email, send emails with 99.5% deliverability, and access rich insights with each email send.
Connect to Any Inbox in Minutes
Unlock Real-Time Sync With Your Users Email Data
Send, Track, and Read Any Email
Maintain Optimal Email Deliverability at Scale
Get Instant Webhook Notifications

Calendar Integrations

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The Nylas Universal Calendar API offers one modern, RESTful API with real-time bi-directional sync with user’s calendars, full CRUD capabilities with each calendar invite, time saving automation for custom recurring events, and easy scheduling that enables bookings, cancellations, and team-wide visibility into calendars.
Embed a Full-Featured Scheduling Solution in Your App
Automate Scheduling Workflows with Instant Booking
Route Meeting Requests Based On User Availability
Make Managing Rooms & Resources Easy for Your Users
Simplify Scheduling with Availability & Time Zone Detection

Contacts Integrations

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The Nylas Universal Contacts API offers one modern, RESTful API with real time bi-directional sync with contacts, auto-completion contacts updates, CRUD capabilities for all contacts events, and integrations with every major contacts provider in a singular, lightweight solution.
Build New Features Fast with a Lightweight & Easy-to-Use API
Get More Data Access for No Additional Cost
Enrich Your Customer Database with Your Users’ Contacts Data
Automate Workflows with Features like Auto-Complete

Secure Connections That Developers Can Trust

We give you full control over what data is accessed so your customer’s data is always secure, and your product is always compliant. Nylas is SOC 2 Certified, Privacy Shield certified, GDPR compliant, and HIPAA and FINRA ready.

Download Security Architecture

Express Security Review

The most affordable & fastest process for Google OAuth Security Verification.

Whitelisted IPs

Whitelist IPs across email, calendar, and contacts.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Authentication Scopes

Selectively sync the data you need, and nothing more.

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