One Platform.
Every Integration.

Connect your application to every inbox, calendar, and contacts provider in the world.

Unlock the Power of User Data

Nylas gives you a secure and reliable connection to the rich data that lives within your users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts. Build a full-featured integration to every provider without writing custom code.


Get the access you need through a single point of integration. Bypass the need to build custom connections to every provider under the sun.


Get to market with new features without stressing out your development team. Shave up to 18 months off of your roadmap.


Stop maintaining custom connections to providers that introduce breaking changes every time they update their APIs.

Multi-Provider Connections Made Easy

Data Access With No Strings Attached

Build Features Faster

Our integrations can be completed in days, not weeks.

Elite Performance at Scale

A horizontally-scaling platform that can support billions of accounts.

Service You Can Rely On

We give you a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Secure & Compliant Connections

SOC 2, GDPR, Privacy Shield, CCPA, HIPAA | HITECH & FINRA-ready.

Set It and Forget It

Configure once and move on. We handle ongoing maintenance for you.

Tech That is Easy to Work With

Quick-Start SDKs now available for Java, Python, Ruby, and Node.js.

Flexible Deployment Options


Nylas runs your email sync infrastructure and scales transparently as your app grows.


Deploy on your private infrastructure. On-prem options available for enterprise customers.