Adaptable AI Solutions for Software Development

Build smarter features faster — no data scientists required.

Data Science On Demand

Expand your Nylas Connectivity integration with adaptable AI/ML capabilities that are easily integrated into any application. Choose from pre-built solutions to trainable models that help you launch smarter features and boost your users’ productivity.


Leverage pre-built AI/ML solutions that are customizable to execute complex NLP activities.


Ship smart features that increase your users’ productivity without disrupting your roadmap.


Advance your tech stack while minimizing maintenance overhead.

Solutions for Building Smarter Productivity Features

Applied AI. Purpose-Built for Developers.

Nylas gives you the AI/ML toolkits you need to deliver next-generation features that increase your users’ productivity without requiring you to become an expert in data science.

Plug and Play Models

Our pre-trained AI/ML models are ready to work as soon as you integrate them.

Unstructured Data Processors

Extract and process data points from unstructured sources such as email messages and attachments.

Smart Annotations

Highlight and import content from your users’ communications into a centralized location.

Text Encoding

Automatically convert communications data into machine-encoded text.

Powerful Workflow Triggers

Automate processes in your software based on smart inputs parsed by Nylas.

Trainable Technology

Easily update models over time based on user data and behavior.

Flexible Deployment Options


Nylas runs your email sync infrastructure and scales transparently as your app grows.


Deploy on your private infrastructure. On-prem options available for enterprise customers.