User Experience

Front-End Solutions for Better User Experiences

White-labeled UI/UX components make building productivity features simple.

Boost User Productivity

Nylas helps you quickly build end-to-end productivity features with flexible UI/UX components. Deliver exceptional user experiences with solutions that can be easily deployed and customized to meet your application’s unique needs.


Deliver new features with UI/UX elements that are highly customizable and easy to deploy.


Increase your product velocity with composable end-to-end features that don’t eat up valuable dev resources.


Shave off expensive QA and deployment cycles with pre-built solutions that don’t require custom code.

We Make Launching Hard Features Easy

Scheduling & Calendaring

Launch powerful scheduling features in any application. Leverage highly-customizable, front-end calendar components to white-label your experience with full control of the functionality.

Inbox Integrations

Create individual or team inboxes that seamlessly integrate users’ email workflows into your application. Powerful UI/UX elements deliver critical functionality like browsing, categorizing, and filtering messages.

Embedded Chat

Allow users to communicate more efficiently with internal chat functionality that works right out of the box. Embed robust productivity solutions in your application, and take the friction out of collaboration.

Full-Stack Tools for Every Developer

Nylas gives you everything you need to quickly and easily add front-end productivity features to your application.


Embed a robust scheduling feature directly into your application.


Filter and group incoming messages and surface summaries in your UI.


Compose, send, and receive emails within your application.


Deliver internal chat functionality that allows users to tag and notify others.

Shared Inbox

Create a unified location that multiple users can access and use to respond to email.

Threads View

Collate users’ conversations into a streamlined view.

Flexible Deployment Options

Nylas Hosted

Nylas runs your email sync infrastructure and scales transparently as your app grows.


Deploy on your private infrastructure. On-prem options available for enterprise customers.