User Experience

Front-End Solutions for Faster Development Cycles

White-labeled and customizable UI/UX components make building productivity features quick and easy

Boost User Productivity

Nylas helps you quickly build end-to-end productivity features with flexible UI/UX components. Deliver exceptional user experiences with solutions that can be easily deployed and customized to meet your application’s unique needs.


Deliver new features with UI/UX elements that are highly customizable and easy to deploy.


Increase your product velocity with composable end-to-end features that don’t eat up valuable dev resources.


Shave off expensive QA and deployment cycles with pre-built solutions that don’t require custom code.

We Make Launching Hard Features Easy

Scheduling & Calendaring

Launch powerful scheduling features in any application with a standalone Scheduler and Agenda View. Leverage highly-customizable, front-end calendar components to white-label your experience with full control of the functionality.

Email Composer

Create a full-featured email composer that seamlessly integrates users’ email workflows into your application. Powerful UI/UX elements deliver critical functionality like browsing, categorizing, and filtering messages.


Lean-code solutions that provide front-end features like an agenda view, contact list, and more.

Full-Stack Tools for Every Developer

Nylas gives you everything you need to quickly and easily add front-end productivity features to your application.


Embed a robust scheduling feature directly into your application.


Filter and group incoming messages and surface summaries in your UI.


Compose, send, and receive emails within your application.

Agenda View

Display a user’s agenda for the day within the context of your application.

Shared Inbox

Create a unified location that multiple users can access and use to respond to email.

Threads View

Collate users’ conversations into a streamlined view.

Flexible Deployment Options


Nylas runs your email sync infrastructure and scales transparently as your app grows.


Deploy on your private infrastructure. On-prem options available for enterprise customers.