Nylas Streams

A simplified real-time ETL solution for communications data with little to no code.

React, Respond, and Adapt to Communications Data in Real-Time

Nylas Streams allows you to easily transform and consume data in a structured and actionable manner – whether you’re an engineer, data scientist, or technical lead. Access communications and AI/ML data faster and with fewer lines of code — all via the Google Marketplace.

Transform and stream unstructured communications data into an optimal format for consumption

  • Leverage real-time and holistic views of data and analytics
  • Make business decisions based on data-driven findings.
  • Deliver valuable insights and create data experiences

Unlock Deep Insights to Drive Revenue and Maximize Efficiency.

E-commerce: Extract insights from customers orders (product line item, order ID, tracking number, and more) to gain further insights into customers’ profiles and provide real-time shipping notifications.

Sales: Stream sales emails into data warehouses to deliver in-depth communication analytics. See what resonates with prospects, improve outreach and messaging, and increase deal velocity and revenue.

Fintech: Enhance existing internal compliance platforms by monitoring emails and automatically filtering for keywords and phrases.

Customer Success: Stream customer success team communication in realtime to data warehouses to analyze customer interactions, predict churn, and optimize team processes.

The Missing Link in Your Analytics Stack

How Nylas Streams unlocks real-time analytics to bridge the communications data gap.
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