Email Sync

Give bcc the boot.

With Nylas, emails sync automatically in the background; no bcc or manual data entry necessary. Your users can create personalized email workflows at scale, with nearly 100% email deliverability rates.

Share actionable analytics.

Once the campaign is launched, your users can track email analytics such as open rate, click through rate, and replies, and pull team-wide email data to better inform their email strategy. Watch your business grow as your customer’s business grows.

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Calendar Sync

Schedule with ease.

Streamline the scheduling process with a calendar API that updates in real-time. Access team level calendars to find a time that works for everyone, or send the person you're meeting with a link to your calendar, letting them choose the time that works best. As soon as an appointment slot is booked, your calendar is updated automatically, so you never miss a meeting due to being double booked.

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Contacts Sync

Enable smart connections.

Make warmer intros that convert leads into customers. Nylas pulls contacts data from your email history and populates all known fields in your contacts book. Build connection graphs powered with all of the contacts across your company to make smarter intros and kick-start deals faster.

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