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All of our plans include:

  • Gmail, IMAP,, and Exchange integrations
  • Email, calendar, and contacts CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Webhook notifications
  • Native authentication
  • Custom OAuth logo
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Customer support & integration assistance

Monthly Options Starting at $99

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Common Questions Our Customers Ask

What is pricing based on?

Pricing is based on the number of connected accounts you're syncing. Each mailbox you sync through us is considered an account — basically, each email address. If you have 10 users with one connected mailbox each, that would be 10 accounts. Similarly, one user with 10 connected mailbox would also be 10 accounts. Each account includes all Nylas APIs — email, calendars, and contacts!

What if I go over my account tier?

Exceeding the number of included accounts for your plan will merely result in a prorated overage charge based on your plan's current cost per account. We do not automatically stop syncing accounts or throttle service in any way. Your costs only increase as you increase the number of customers you have for your application.  You can always change your plan in the Nylas dashboard or contact us as your number of connected accounts grows and your needs change.

Do I need to pay to start using Nylas?

Nope! You can start building using our APIs immediately with our free 30 day trial. We don't require a credit card to try out our platform, and you can browse our extensive docs.

What support plans do you offer?

We provide several tiers of support, depending on your needs. The main differentiators are response times, priority routing, and direct access to Nylas Engineers. We can also provide integration support and assistance. Contact to learn more.

What is your large volume pricing?

Pricing for larger volumes is looked at individually. Our standard pricing fits most customers and we're happy to work with large customers to find a fair price point. Nylas APIs are reliable, cross-platform, and constantly updated — our prices are always less expensive than hiring engineers and scaling your own infrastructure.

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