Get unmatched deliverability and advanced analytics to optimize any email send.

Achieve New Heights of Email Performance

Nylas gives you everything you need to ensure a 99.6% deliverability rate for any email your users’ send from your application. Bypass proxy servers, send bulk emails with confidence, and get better data to guide future performance.

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The Problem

Proxy Sends Land in SPAM

Emails sent to users through proxy servers are 20% more likely to be flagged by ESPs and designated as SPAM.

Bulk Emails Are Set Up to Fail

Emails sent through bulk email providers are naturally under-optimized and suffer from low open and response rates.

No Insights =

No Improvement

Users have limited visibility into exactly why their email sends are failing so performance never improves.

The Solution

No Proxy, No Problems

Send all emails directly to your users’ inboxes and instantly avoid one of the primary signals ESPs use to flag SPAM.

Improve Response Rates

Automatically schedule emails to send at optimal times to increase replies and engagement.

Understand Email Performance

Give users deep insights into everything from deliverability and open rates to click-through-rates and replies.

Ensure Peak Email Performance

Emails sent through the Nylas platform have a deliverability rate of 99.6%.

Make sure your users’ emails always land in inboxes, not in SPAM folders.

Schedule email deployment at times predetermined to get the best open and response rates.

Leverage AI and machine learning for optimal engagement, based on time zone, past response rates from recipients, and past open rates.

Get actionable insights around email performance, like open rates, link clicks, and reply tracking.