Optical Character Recognition

Automatically extract information from any image, message, or attachment.

Extract Data from Any Document

Nylas gives you pre-built OCR solutions that extract data from email text, images, PDFs, and other attachments to trigger powerful workflows in your application — from populating fields in your database to surfacing information in your user interface.

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The Problem

Data Entry Is Manual Labor

Cutting and pasting information from text, PDFs, images, attachments and invoices into databases is a slow and painful process.

Standalone Solutions Create Silos

Tons of OCR solutions are available to your users, but integration options are limited. This leads to users continually switching between applications.

Building Bespoke Technology is Expensive

Building OCR capabilities in-house will push other vital items off of your product roadmap for months, if not years.

The Solution

Automate Data Entry

Instantly extract and transfer data from users’ messages to automate processes like billing, invoicing, service ticket management, and CRM data entry.

Unify Your User Experience

Launch OCR features directly into your product and remove your users’ reliance on 3rd party tools.

Don’t Waste Time Reinventing the Wheel

Get purpose-built OCR solutions that don’t require heavy-lifting from your developers.

OCR Solutions Made for Developers

Nylas gives you powerful OCR solutions that are easy to integrate into your application.

Extract information from images, messages, and documents and automatically convert it to machine-encoded text.

Relate extracted data to fields in your database.

Automatically classify and store documents by criteria you define, such as content type, user, or industry.

Convert previously hidden data into a fully searchable format.

Surface extracted data in your UI for powerful user experiences.

Automate complex document workflows in your application.