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Nylas Use Cases

Data Synchronization

Turn Any Application Into a Productivity Machine Overnight

Immediately access the rich data that resides in your users’ inboxes, calendars, and contacts with real-time, bi-directional sync, and full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capabilities.

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Email Deliverability

Get Unmatched Email Deliverability and Advanced Analytics

Ensure a 99% + deliverability rate for any email your users send from your application. Bypass proxy servers, schedule email deployments with confidence, and get better data to guide future performance.

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Launch Powerful Scheduling Workflows Directly Within Your Application

Deliver full-featured scheduling functionality directly to your application. Pair a robust back-end calendar API with front-end UI/UX widgets. No more building it yourself or relying on third-party scheduling tools.

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Sentiment Analysis

Identify, Extract, and Quantify the Sentiment from Any Message

Use pre-built AI & ML models to identify and extract the sentiment from your users’ conversation history. Quickly launch new features that slash response and resolution times by automatically summarizing and categorizing every message sent to your users.

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Optical Character Recognition

Automatically Extract Info from Any Image, Message, or Attachment

Extract data from email text, images, PDFs, and other attachments to trigger powerful workflows in your application — from populating fields in your database to surfacing information in your user interface.

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Filtering & Categorization

Categorize, Filter, Prioritize, and Route Messages

Classify messages based on criteria like sender, intent, relevance, and importance. Automatically assign, route, enhance, or suppress messages to your users based on their preferences.

Smart Annotations

Identify, Mark Up, and Import Content from Within Messages

Highlight essential content like addresses and phone numbers from within your users’ messages. Provide users with a one-click option to automatically import message content into a preferred location.

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