Nylas Scheduler Now Free to Healthcare Providers Fighting Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are helping streamline the scheduling of critical services between patients and providers.

Gleb Polyakov | March 27, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on every aspect of our lives. Across the globe, healthcare providers are working tirelessly and around the clock – risking their own health and safety in the process – to answer the call of duty. These heroes are making tremendous personal sacrifices to help those affected by this terrible disease, and our world, recover.

Today, we are offering our technology to try to assist them through this extremely difficult time. Effective immediately, we are making the Nylas Scheduler – our popular all-in-one scheduling solution – free to any healthcare provider administering services to Coronavirus patients. 

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Nylas Scheduler enables developers to quickly deploy an all-in-one scheduling solution on any website or application. Providers can then use the Nylas Scheduler to allow patients to easily schedule interactions with physicians and help supporting staff automate administrative tasks.

Healthcare providers have long struggled with administrative burden. The process of communicating with patients, scheduling (and re-scheduling) appointments, sending follow-up emails, and recording medical notes takes approximately 16% of a physician’s working time

Today,  you can easily integrate the Nylas Scheduler into any healthcare website or application and eliminate up to 9 hours of administrative tasks per physician per week. You can integrate Nylas Scheduler in just five minutes for instant access to features like:

  • Streamlined Patient Booking: Nylas allows patients to book doctor’s visits without having to speak to staff directly.
  • Easy Scheduling of Resources: Administrators can quickly book critical resources such as examination rooms and equipment.
  • Smarter Routing of Patient Inquiries: Nylas can automatically route patient requests based upon physicians’ availability.
  • Support for Every Calendar and Every Provider: Nylas provides universal coverage across all calendar service providers such as Google and Microsoft.
  • Safe and Secure Integrations: Nylas is HIPAA-ready with enterprise-grade security features included.

With the extreme pressures being mounted against healthcare providers by the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s now more important than ever that we help free up valuable time and resources to focus on patient care. If you are a healthcare provider or if you have a healthcare application that is used by physicians fighting the Coronavirus, simply fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out to assist you. 

If you’re a developer who supports healthcare providers, learn how to integrate Scheduler in just five minutes here.

Gleb Polyakov

Gleb is the CEO of Nylas. He studied physics at Georgia Tech. He worked in finance and founded an IoT coffee company, and he loves chess, motorcycles, and space.